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Year 7

The Year 7 Curriculum is designed to reflect our mission, and is focused on setting a solid foundation so that students are provided with the best Catholic school experience across their whole schooling career. This is achieved by giving students an opportunity to experience all areas of the Catholic secondary school curriculum prior to choosing elective subjects in Year 8.

Curriculum and Classes

Year 7 includes a significant focus on literacy and numeracy as a basis on which many later subjects in the Catholic secondary school curriculum are based. The majority of subjects are repeated across Semesters 1 and 2 at both our Berwick and Officer campuses. These include:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities
  • Care Group

Aside from these, students will study one language in the year. The languages we offer are Arabic, Japanese and Spanish. Students will also study Digital Technologies for one semester, and Music for the other. This includes learning an instrument and participating in an ensemble.

Our Religious Education learning program follows the Catholic school curriculum structure set by the Diocese of Sale. The curriculum is well supported by over 40 Melbourne Catholic schools and has a main goal of pointing students towards Christ.

More information on the curriculum and classes can be found in our Year 7 to 9 Curriculum information booklet.


A highlight of Year 7 is the annual Camp, which occurs early in the year to help students with the transition process. Students participate in house based activities, and work alongside their Head of House to establish a production for the camp talent show.

School retreats like these are important as they help students familiarise themselves with the high school environment and provide an opportunity to make friends in a fun, interactive and approachable way.

Both our Officer and Berwick campuses offer ‘Hands-on Learning’, a popular program which is provided by many other Melbourne Catholic schools. The program is aimed at engaging students to help them discover their talents and find success in their schooling career and later in life. This supportive program helps students build confidence and connect with the school.

Additionally, our Individual Support Program is available for students who require personalised adjustments to their learning program. This can include support with literacy intervention or general program support. Numeracy intervention is offered through the mathematics learning program.

Care Group

Students attending our campuses begin their experience of the Care Group program in Year 7. The program focuses on student’s personal development, understanding learning needs and progress, and fostering a sense of connection to the College and other students. This program includes in-class learning of wellbeing skills.