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St Francis Xavier College is committed to providing a pathway for every child. As part of this, we have offered VET course options to our students for almost 20 years. Vocational education offers students additional pathways to their education and career goals, with VET subjects an excellent avenue to University, TAFE or employment. Students can add value to their senior secondary schooling by completing nationally recognised VET programs.

Why choose VET?

Choosing to complete vocational studies benefits students by combining general studies with skill development in chosen areas. Our vocational programs help students to explore career pathways in a more practical manner, also allowing them to undertake learning in the workplace in some cases. VET certificates do not only contribute towards the VCE or VCE VM, but are nationally recognised qualifications that equip students for work and further study.

Course Information

We aim to ensure that our students’ learning experiences are both enriching and enjoyable. We expect that all our VET students will successfully complete their chosen course or qualification.

Our vocational education teachers and trainers have industry backgrounds in the areas they train. This makes them ideally suited to help each VET student use their learned skills to transition from school to further education, training or employment.

We offer a number of VET certificate options for students as part of our VCE program. Students can learn vocational skills and gain VET qualifications in a variety of industries and sectors.

Course Code & Title

  • CUA31020 – Certificate III Screen and Media – Auspiced by COSAMP (RTO 41549) 
  • SIS30115 – Certificate III in Sport and Recreation – Auspiced by iVET (RTO 40548)
  • SIT20416 – Certificate II in Kitchen Operations – Auspiced by iVET (RTO 40548)
  • SIT20421 – Certificate II in Cookery
  • CUA30920 – Certificate III in Music – Auspiced by COSAMP (RTO 41549)
  • ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology – Auspiced by iVET (RTO 40548)
  • BSB20120 – Certificate II in Workplace Skills – Auspiced by iVET (RTO 40548)
  • BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business – Auspiced by iVET (RTO 40548)
  • SIS20321 – Certificate II in Sport Coaching – Auspiced by iVET (RTO 40548)

Course outlines can be found in our course guide.

Certificate III in Music – Information Session 

Certificate III in Screen and Media 

Certificate II in Cookery – Information Session



USI Information

Students who plan on undertaking any VET courses will be required to get a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This is your personal education number that you will use to access an online record of each vocational qualification you earn.

VET Transcripts

Transcript Information for Students

How to view and download my USI transcript?

For further information, please contact our VET/RTO Coordinator – VET@sfx.vic.edu.au