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Students at St Francis Xavier College are encouraged to experience and appreciate global cultures and the unique differences between our nation and others. Having close bonds with many schools throughout Japan, we offer a unique connection to Japanese culture that students can enjoy in their time here.

College Activities

Language Week

Language week seeks to link language to culture and help foster understanding and enjoyment of Japan’s history and traditions. Year 10 students create Japanese kanji characters in a traditional Japanese calligraphy session. Students can also participate in the ancient art of paper folding during the Origami session. Year 11 students can utilise and further extend their language abilities as they watch a Japanese animated film. All students studying Japanese also have a chance to order a Japanese bento lunch and enjoy Japanese food.

Anime/Manga Club

The Anime and Manga Club is where Japanese culture comes to life! Students are encouraged to give their thoughts and responses to the latest media releases, create their own work and share with other students. Whether you’re interested in carefully crafted artistic masterpieces, adrenaline-infused action shows or current graphic novels, there’s a place for you at the Anime and Manga Club.

Japanese Study

Japan Study Tour

Each September, students have an opportunity to travel to Japan for a study tour. This once in a lifetime opportunity is a wonderful experience for staff and students alike.

The Japan Tour encourages students to experience life in another culture, enrich their language skills and immerse themselves in Japanese school life. Students participate in our homestay program and live with a Japanese Host Family from Sakuragaoka High School in Tokyo. This is followed by a week-long tour of the nation and its many unique attractions and traditions.

Japan Exchange Program

The College and participating families host a number of students from different schools in Japan throughout the year. Our Japan exchange students participate in all classes with a host brother or sister, giving other students a chance to engage with them. Students participate in some Australian culture classes including an AFL clinic, baking ANZAC biscuits and learning about Aboriginal culture through art. At the conclusion of each day, the exchange students return home to their Australian host family to forge strong friendships and memories.

Japanese Taiko Drumming

Don donko don! The distinctive reverberations of Taiko drumming are heard each Friday lunchtime at our Berwick Campus. Taiko drumming is an amalgamation of music and exercise, with the unique sounds produced by pine bachi striking the thick leather skins of our traditional Japanese drums.

Senior students take the initiative to teach rhythms and songs to our Junior students, which are performed at campus assemblies and other schools. These performances are vibrant attestations to the students’ passion for the activity.