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Extra Curricula

Students at St Francis Xavier College are offered an extensive range of extracurricular activities and competitions to take part in. We believe that students thrive when they can extend themselves beyond the classroom and pursue unique interests and new skills. Our diverse range of activities gives them the perfect opportunity.

Performing Arts

Every young performer deserves an audience and an opportunity. Our range of performing arts activities, including musicals, plays, choir and music nights, give our students the opportunity to shine and highlight their talents and commitment. Students are connected with other passionate individuals to form exceptional performances.

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Our students are encouraged to stay active and pursue excellence in their sport endeavours. Our various house competitions, as well as College sport teams, provide an athletic outlet for students to experience teamwork, follow their drive and work with distinct purpose.

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Academic extracurricular activities provide an added mental and educative challenge for students, provoking their logical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Students are given a platform to highlight their knowledge and ability outside of the classroom.

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Providing a service to the community is an important aspect of student life, and is an enriching experience. Through our program, students can contribute to activities and events that support members of the school and the wider community around them.

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Our cultural extra curricula help students see and experience the world beyond what is directly around them, connecting with practices and traditions of other global cultures, with a particular focus on Japan. The learning opportunities broaden their worldview and help develop them into positive global citizens.

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The Southern Independent Schools (SIS) is a network of secondary schools that compete in sporting, academic, performative and other regular competitions against one another. The SIS activities offer students the chance to work closely in teams and forge positive connections with a wide array of other school students.

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