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With a variety of sports teams, competitions and athletic opportunities, students are encouraged to stay active, keep fit and connect with their peers through sport. All competitions are led in a way that encourages students to work their hardest while maintaining humility and respect for other competitors.

House Competition

Swimming Carnival

The annual House Swimming Carnival involves students from all campuses and aims to get all levels of swimmers in the pool. The races throughout the day vary from single stroke events to relays, with a number of novelty events also included. Scores are tallied and ribbons are awarded, all contributing towards final House scores.

Along with winning the carnival, all eight Houses are given the opportunity to show the judges their best House spirit in an attempt to win the House Spirit Shield.

Cross Country

Each year, students of St Francis Xavier College make their way to Baxter Park to race against their peers through a carefully prepared track. Each year level begins at different interval times, starting with Year 7 students in the morning and concluding with the senior races in the afternoon.

The event doubles as a selection event for the Interschool Cross Country team. Parents and supporters are always welcome to come along and help cheer on the House Cross Country runners.


The annual House Athletics competition encourages students to participate in a variety of track and field events.. Students come dressed in their colours ready to support their Houses as they compete in the events and vie to become the reigning House Athletics Champion. Points are tallied based on event results, and a total score at the end of the day is calculated to determine the new Champion.

Lunchtime House Activities

Once a term, all eight Houses compete in a round robin sporting competition, with each term focusing on a different sport. Sports include netball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and dance. The lunchtime sport aims to get all levels of sporting ability participating in a fun and competitive session of sport.

Each year level has an opportunity to compete against the other Houses to take out the House Lunchtime Sport Championship flag for that term.

College Activities

College Rugby Team

St Francis Xavier College offers all students the chance to play Rugby Union by joining the College team. Participating in the sport teaches students strategy, camaraderie, physical skills and sportsmanship.

Playing Rugby has a host of physical benefits as well as mental and psychological advantages that can be profound and far-reaching. Developing these skills from an early age allows them to reap those benefits much sooner.


Victorian Netball Championship

The Victorian Netball Championship enables male and female players across all year levels to compete against schools from around Victoria. Campus-based teams are selected to compete in a preliminary round robin competition at the State Netball and Hockey Centre. Successful teams are then invited back to compete for the State Title.


The College Aerobics team is a fantastic extra-curricular for students interested in dance and fitness and those who enjoy working in a team. The team rehearses a number of hours each week both during the school day and before and after school hours.

Preparation occurs throughout Terms 1 and 2 for the National School Aerobics competition held in Geelong in May. The dedicated members of the team love the new friendships that are formed over this time, and have consistently placed within the top 10.


100km Club

The 100km Club is a running/walking group that runs before school on a Tuesday and Thursday at the Officer Campus. Students are encouraged to complete as many laps of a prescribed track in the one-hour session and then record their times with a view to reaching 100km throughout Terms 3 and 4.

As part of the program, students are provided with a small breakfast prior to starting school.