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Year 10 Curriculum Structure


For further information, please download the Year 10 to 12 2022 Curriculum Information

Year 10 students have two Pathways to choose from:

  1. Year 10 VCE Pathway
  2. Year 10 VCAL Foundation Pathway


  1. Year 10 VCE Pathway

Students interested in studying VCE in Years 11 and 12 and can choose this pathway for Year 10.

Students will study:

  • Both Semesters:
    • Religious Education
    • English
    • Mathematics (options)
  • One Semester:
    • Inquiry and Project Based Learning
    • Science (Elective)
    • Health and Physical Education (Elective)
    • Three (3) Electives one semester and Two (2) Electives the alternate Semester

Accelerated Learning

The College considers participation in Accelerated Learning an opportunity for students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are working at a level well above their peers in most subjects and particularly in the learning areas they wish to study in 2022.

In order to ensure that the student is prepared to meet the challenges of the VCE subject of his or her choice, the student will be invited to attend an interview to discuss their academic strengths and their understanding of the VCE or VCE-VET subject they wish to pursue in 2022.

Further investigation of the student’s level of prior knowledge and skills will be determined by strategies that are relevant to the learning area. These will include analysis of the student’s academic history provided by College reports, Semester examination results and NAPLAN and PAT testing.  Additional information may also be sought through 2021 subject teacher referrals, pre-entry level testing of higher order thinking skills or audition.


The following VCE and VCE-VET subjects will be offered to Year 10 students who wish to apply for acceleration:

Units 1 and 2 Biology

Units 1 and 2 Business Management

Units 1 and 2 Computing

Units 1 and 2 General Mathematics

Units 1 and 2 Health and Human Development

Units 1 and 2 Physical Education

Units 1 and 2 Philosophy

Units 1 and 2 Psychology

Units 1 and 2 Religion and Society


VCE-VET:    Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate II in Workplace Skills (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Cert III in Music Industry (Sound Production) (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate III in Screen and Media (1st Year)

VCE-VET:    Certificate III in Sport and Recreation (1st Year)


NB:   Information for these subjects can be found in the VCE section of this booklet.


  1. Year 10 VCAL Pathway


Students may study Foundation VCAL in Year 10.   


VCAL is an applied certificate which can be studied across Years 10 – 12 (some changes to the VCE from 2023 will change the nature of this, however, details are yet to be confirmed.  A similar pathway will still be provided).

Further details regarding VCAL are outlined later in this book.

Students who study Foundation VCAL in Year 10 will study:

  • Religious Education
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Personal Development Skills including Year 10 Health and Physical Education
  • Work Related Skills
  • Year 10 VET – TAFE Tester (each Thursday TBC)
  • Students complete work placement


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