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Building Character and Confidence: The Importance of School Camp

Wednesday 5th July 2023

The opportunity to go on a school camp is one filled with excitement and possibility. School camps offer a range of activities and new experiences, leading to a thrilling and enriching time for students, and one that creates many lasting memories.

The benefits of camp for students

School camping is so much more than just the activities on offer and the schedule — it is a unique opportunity to develop personal traits and spend time in new environments. Students can build a variety of personal tools they can use for the rest of their lives.

Character building

School camp offers a variety of different activities and challenges for students to take part in, many of which are not found in everyday life. These experiences often present as a challenge to work through or a barrier to overcome, prompting students to step beyond their comfort zones and persevere. Challenging them with these activities helps them to develop important character traits like resilience, teamwork and leadership. School camp places a great emphasis on personal growth and fostering a sense of achievement that can have a lasting positive impact.



For many students, our Year 7 Camp may be their first extended period away from home. While they are never left to their own devices and are always supported by camp and College staff, this does necessitate a level of independence and personal accountability. Camp encourages each student to use self-management and personal organisation, and to make individual choices. These skills are able to be transferred into most areas of life.

Experience nature

Camp provides a new environment for students to explore, and gives them a chance to enjoy the natural world around them. Spending time in nature and immersing themselves in outdoor activities helps them build an appreciation for the world around them, and the wonder of God’s creation. This can also help students become conscious of the importance of sustainability.


Learn new skills

Each student will be able to encounter activities they wouldn’t normally, with many camps offering things like abseiling, canoeing, surfing and more. The opportunity to practise new skills ensures students develop a sense of personal accomplishment while also creating some lasting — and thrilling — memories.


By completing activities, facing challenges, and staying in the same places, students are encouraged to foster genuine friendships and connections with their peers. Breaking away from the classroom environment promotes relaxed and fun interactions, and allows students to cooperate and communicate in new and meaningful ways. Many of these bonds extend far beyond camp.

Strengthening faith

St Francis Xavier students who attend camp will also enjoy a Mass service while they are on their trip, which is a special opportunity to reflect, pray and recognise God’s presence in their lives. Outside of this service, students can also take camp as a positive chance to pray and consider their personal faith, and appreciate all the blessings they have in terms of talents, abilities and resources. The unique blend of spirituality and adventure available while on school camp helps students to foster a deeper understanding of their faith and how to apply it in everyday life.


How to prepare for school camp

To make the most of camp, students should ensure they prepare themselves well and are ready to embrace everything their experience has to offer. Our key tips for students to prepare well include:

An unmissable experience

School camp can be a transformative time for students as they foster personal growth, enjoy skill development, and deepen their connections with friends. By leaving the classroom, students can experience a different sense of achievement that bolsters their confidence and sense of self. We encourage our students to cultivate a sense of adventure and take the lessons they learn into the rest of their lives.