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Growing in Grace: The Benefits of Catholic Education

Friday 12th May 2023

Choosing the right educational environment for your child can be difficult, particularly with the amount of schools available in most areas. Deciding between the different types of school systems — including public, private, religious and select-entry — often comes down to the particular needs of the student and their family.

While there is no one right school environment, learning in the support structures and facilities of a Catholic school is an assurance that your child will be nurtured through their education and emboldened to pursue what matters to them and to make a difference for the world. Both in and out of the classroom, Catholic school students are encouraged to be their best selves and to make an active, positive contribution to the world around them. This includes students who are part of other faith traditions who choose to attend Catholic schools given the attention of Catholic schools to human dignity and dialogue.


Welcoming and Safe

Catholic school education is based around Scripture and Tradition. Catholic educators have a strong understanding of how important the environment around students is in shaping their behaviours and attitudes. We ensure that each of our campuses is an environment where students can feel secure and safe in all that they do, where they can listen and dialogue about the meaning they find in life’s challenges. 

A fundamental belief that underpins our College ethos is that all people are made in the image of God, and deserve to be equally valued and appreciated. We welcome all students, regardless of background or personal situation, receiving them with open arms and supporting them to grow to become the best person they can be, thus glorifying God through their lives. 

The dedicated work on building a positive environment also creates a powerful sense of community that students can rely on and turn to. Catholic schools place a strong emphasis on involving parents, family and the local Parishes in the education process, establishing a full sense of community connection.

Emotional Wellbeing

Built on the enduring Catholic story of God’s love for humanity, and Catholic Social Teaching, students are taught in an environment where Gospel values, expressed in principles such as ‘The Common Good’ and ‘Solidarity’ are explored and nurtured. Genuine value is placed on traits like tolerance, curiosity and gratitude. The Catholic school difference ensures that every student is treated with dignity and respect, and invited to contribute to the community and the world.

Students are taught skills that can help them flourish spiritually, emotionally and socially, and interact well with others. Great priority is placed on promoting positive relationships and improving student wellbeing. Student mental health is of fundamental importance and is supported to help them thrive while at school and prepare them for other experiences beyond the classroom.

Faith in Action

One of the many benefits of catholic school education for students is the ability to practice, express and explore faith with others. We encourage students to put their faith into practice by supporting Catholic organisations such as Caritas, ACRATH, Vinnies and Trinity Families, all of whom reach out and support those vulnerable in society. Students connect faith and action through advocacy and fundraising efforts. 

The curriculum at a Catholic school gives students a rich sense of God in their daily lives, founded in Scripture and a personal experience of faith and traditions. Our students specifically follow the Diocese of Sale’s Religious Education curriculum, with its primary focus: To Live In Christ Jesus. The life of Jesus is used as a guiding model and students are taught to care for others and live in a way that glorifies God.

By intertwining faith and Catholic traditions with areas such as education, sport, extracurriculars and leadership, students learn to live out their faith in all areas of their life. Students are able to develop their own personal relationship with God and their own sense of worth and value in that.

Students are also encouraged to connect to the local indigenous people — the Bunurong Tribe of the Kulin Nation. The College Reconciliation Action Plan includes engagement with Bunurong artists who work with the staff and students to share their culture and symbols.


Pathways and Future Building

Amongst other benefits of a catholic education are the benefits catholic school graduates experience outside of the classroom. While most schools recognise the importance of children and the merit in building them up, Catholic schools place a unique emphasis on shaping them to be leaders of tomorrow. Part of their education involves teaching them the value of serving the community and helping them to be positive members of their wider society, making contributions that provide a benefit to others.

Beyond this, Catholic schools focus on delivering a rich and varied education to students, allowing them to learn across all necessary areas for life and to delve into particular areas of passion and interest. Catholic schools recognise that students bring different needs and learning styles into education, and different programs are employed to give every student the best chance to succeed. At St Francis Xavier this point is particularly emphasised in our school slogan: “A pathway for every child.”

This commitment to a full education is reflected in overall student achievement, with many reports highlighting that students in Catholic schools typically achieve results above state averages. These results combine with a holistic education to prepare them for life after school, allowing them to pursue their spiritual, career and personal goals in other educational institutions and situations.

A Positive Foundation

As we have said, different educational systems will suit different children and families, but the education that comes from a Catholic school is well-regarded as a positive and foundational aspect of students’ lives. Students are taught in a setting that promotes the whole person, leading to a blend of high achievement and strong character development for the glory of God and contribution of service to the world.

We are proud of each of our students and committed to providing them an avenue to pursue their own growth. If you’re interested in giving your child this same opportunity, get in touch with our friendly admissions team or keep an eye out to register for our next campus Talk and Tour.