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Strategic Plan Summary 2017 – 2020





Mission Statement

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6)

St Francis Xavier College is a Catholic community that is educative and supportive of the whole person. We have a clear purpose: the individuals’ development of competence, conscience and compassion formed in the Christian tradition in light of the Scriptures; one who is guided by a sense of Christian faith, hope and love who will be of service to the world. We recognise God’s presence in our lives by being a living witness to Jesus, celebrating and pursuing excellence and by living courageously with optimism and respect for the dignity of all.

Catholic identity and Religious Education

Goal: Our community is a living witness to the Gospel where Christ is encountered.

Intended Outcomes

Berwick_Chapel1_CathID_026-retouch_WEB Lead the community towards a post critical belief stance through developing an understanding of recontextualisation and   dialogue in a pluralistic society.

 Fully implement the revised Religious Education Core Curriculum developed by the Catholic Education Office, Sale Diocese.

 Promote and Support Youth Ministry

 Educating students in identity and sexuality

 That all teaching staff are accredited or working towards accreditation.

 Maintain and enhance ties with Parish

 Further development links with the Student Wellbeing Team in the delivery of programs that complement the development of faith.


Teaching & Learning

I have come that you may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10)

Goal: Through the deepening of the culture of positive learning partnerships informed by Positive Psychology and the differentiated and purposeful nature of the curriculum, student achievement will be enhanced.

Improved Student Outcomes

Intended Outcomes

  • That the professional learning program is planned and purposeful to support student achievement
  • That opportunities for dialogue and collaboration are provided to facilitate professional growth.
  • That targeted professional learning will be provided.

Expert Teacher Practice

The glory of God is the human person fully formed St Irenaeus 2nd Century

Intended Outcomes

Beaconsfield_VCE_Science_079_WEB The literacy and numeracy outcomes for students will be enhanced

 The learning outcomes of VCE students will increase

 That VCAL students will be more engaged in their learning program and that their post school destinations are improved

 That student progress is increased

 Student achievement is monitored progressively

 That students will be more dedicated to achievement in their differentiated and purposeful learning program


Student Wellbeing

What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God – Micah 6:8

 Goal: That students are able to manage their wellbeing more effectively through the development of a culture informed by our Catholic Identify and enriched by evidenced based positive psychology.

Intended Outcomes

IMG_2627_WEB Further development links with the Catholic Identity Team in the delivery of wellbeing programs that complement the development of faith.

 That a strategy for managing student records is developed to inform wellbeing support

 Develop wellbeing programs to support learning

 Develop wellbeing skills in staff and students


Leadership and Management

The greatest among you will be your servant (Matthew 23:11)

Goal: All staff see themselves as intelligently loyal leaders for student achievement.

Leadership for Learning

Intended outcomes

  • That the College develops enhanced processes to communicate with all stakeholders in the College.
  • That our leadership model is student achievement centred.
  • To continue to build a strong professional culture.


Intended outcomes


 Review and upgrade Masterplan for all campuses

 Further develop religious sites as per religious masterplan

 Continue to enhance our Occupational Health and Safety obligations and practices.

 Support resources and practices that are progressive, ethical, sustainable and environmentally proactive.


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