The College strives to achieve the best in educational opportunities and outcomes for its students. Specifically:

  • We seek to be an overtly authentic Catholic College where we promote and celebrate the Christian faith and the spirituality of all College members in partnership with our families and parishes;
  • We aim to promote effective teaching and learning, based on our Catholic values, incorporating challenging, relevant and innovative curriculum, highlighted by engaging teaching and learning processes;
  • We strive to develop an adaptive learning environment which fosters critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem solving and flexibility;
  • We promote and facilitate teacher collaboration, consistency and collegial accountability through teams;
  • We aim to be an inclusive Catholic community where people are valued and cared for, where diversity and differences are respected and celebrated and where positive relationships are able to flourish;
  • We are committed to the ongoing development of quality Christian leadership amongst our staff and our students who will guide and develop the Christian values which distinguish our learning environment;
  • We aim to build an effective stewardship of human and material resources thereby strengthening the provision of quality Catholic education for our students.
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