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Wellbeing for Learning


Inspired by our Catholic Identity

Wellbeing at St Francis Xavier College is inspired by Gospel values and benefits from a deep connection to the Catholic Identity of the College.

The Wellbeing for Learning framework logo reflects our Catholic story which is marked by the symbols of journey (the boat), love (the heart) and hope (the cross).

Each aspect of the framework is explored in a way that promotes Catholic Social Teaching. The principles of human dignity, common good, solidarity, participation, stewardship and preferential support for those is need are embedded in our approach to wellbeing.


Informed by contemporary evidence-based approaches

Wellbeing at St Francis Xavier College is informed by a contemporary, evidence-based approach using the science of positive psychology to identify a skillset which is designed to support each member of the community to thrive. The College takes a strengths-based approach to supporting positive behaviour in helping each individual, and our community, to flourish. The three areas of Relationship, Relevance and Resilience are built around the science of wellbeing as examined by leading research into the impact of positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, health and spirituality.

We embed key principles of positive education including: Character strengths, mindfulness, gratitude, hope theory, growth and benefit mindsets, grit, flow, resilience, and more.



Understanding of the link between wellbeing and student achievement

Our approach to wellbeing recognises the significant link between student wellbeing and academic outcomes. Our Wellbeing for Learning framework is designed to reflect our belief that boosting personal wellbeing enables students to access the curriculum as well as a range of diverse pursuits and opportunities. Promoting student wellbeing is viewed as one of our most significant approaches to enabling student achievement.


Explicitly taught

Our Wellbeing for Learning framework informs everyday interactions and is used by all staff in day to day life of the College as an essential component to student wellbeing. The skillset of the framework is embedded in College life and is also taught explicitly in Wellbeing classes.

You can find out more about the wellbeing curriculum in the Wellbeing Curriculum section.


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