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Belonging and Connection


At St Francis Xavier College we value relationships as the entry point to student wellbeing and student achievement. We recognise the role of all staff and students in the creation of a positive learning environment. One where members of our community can feel a sense of belonging, a connection to meaning, and belief that, even in times of challenge, we have the resources to heal, to become stronger and to move forward.


House System

The House system at St Francis Xavier College has been operating for over 25 years. It is made up of eight Houses which offer students a sense of belonging and a way to connect to College life. Our houses are Burgess, Gallagher, McDonagh, McKenna, Schneider, Synan, Thomas and White.

Objectives of the House System

  • students become engaged in the extracurricular life of the school through inter-house competitions and events;
  • students’ sense of belonging is nurtured by being part of a smaller community and allowing for peer relationships to flourish;
  • students form positive and trusting relationships with staff and other students;
  • students receive individualised attention from staff to support their wellbeing;
  • students experience a sense of belonging though house spirit;


Care Group

The focus for Care Group teachers is to create a culture of belonging and support students’ social and emotional development. They do this by forming positive relationships with students and creating the conditions so that the members of the Care Group can form positive relationships with each other.

Objectives of Care Group are:

  • students feel a sense of belonging within the College community through their connection with the care group teacher and Care Group class;
  • students will each feel cared for and known as an individual and as a learner;
  • students will access information to understand and contribute to various elements of College life;

The Wellbeing Curriculum is also facilitated through the Care Group. This weekly lesson explicitly teaches the skills of wellbeing which are known to help people to access learning opportunities, engage with community, and thrive.

Further information about the Wellbeing Curriculum can be found in the Wellbeing For Learning section.

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