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St Francis Xavier College together with the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) is committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing and participation of all children and young people is paramount. DOSCEL’s Commitment Statement to Child Safety affirms our commitment to:

  • zero tolerance to child abuse
  • listen to and empower children and young people
  • keep children and young people safe.


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Child Protection

Protection of children and young people is based upon the belief that each person is made in the image and likeness of God, and that the inherent dignity of all should be recognised and fostered.

St Francis Xavier College is committed to the care, safety and protection of all children and young people and child protection strategies and procedures that safeguard children and young people against sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse and/or neglect.


For further information regarding our Child Protection Policies, please contact the College to speak with one of our Child Safety Champions.


Victorian Child Safe Standards

DOSCEL and St Francis Xavier College are committed to complying with Ministerial Order No. 1359: Implementing the Child Safe Standards – Managing the Risk of Child Abuse in Schools and Boarding House Premises. Child safety and wellbeing also considers the diversity of all children, including (but not limited to) the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, children with disabilities, and children who are vulnerable.


Prevention and Response

Preventing and responding to child abuse requires a whole of community response to bring about broad cultural change. To this end, the Victorian Child Safe Standards apply to a broad range of organisations that provide services for children, including schools, churches, sporting clubs and youth services.

Ensuring we have child safe communities goes to the heart of our faith and core purpose. Therefore, we are dedicated to upholding the values and practices that create safe learning environments for students.


Reporting and Contacts

There are a number of supports available when responding to incidents, disclosures or suspicions of child abuse.


24 Hour Services

  • Victoria Police: 000
  • DHHS Child Protection: 131 278


Support Services



Child Protection and Safety 


Other Resources


For further information regarding our Child Protection Policies, please contact the College to speak with one of our Child Safety Champions.



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