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Our Berwick Campus was opened in 2003, with a vision to provide quality, catholic education to the Berwick community.


Guided by catholic school values and creating a culture of excellence, the staff at the Berwick Campus place an emphasis on helping students develop more than just their academic potential, but also their character. Teachers and students at the Berwick Campus work together to grow personally and become people for others. We are proud of our values as we feel they set a good foundation for students to thrive in life. We believe that it is for this reason that our Berwick Campus is considered one of the best high schools in Berwick.


The motto of the Berwick Campus is pathways for all. We know that these are crucial years for every student, and therefore we are proactive in creating a catholic school curriculum that is inclusive and always evolving to best meet the needs of our students. Our focus remains the same whether in the classroom or on the sports field: create a purposeful and deliberate pathway for all students.

Some of the programs offered at the Berwick secondary school campus are year 9 electives, Hands on Learning, ISP (individual student programs), SIS Sport, Literacy & Numeracy workshops, Instrumental Music Program, Debating & public speaking, Horticulture and Extension programs such as Tournament of the Mind and da Vinci decathlon.



We know how important it is to create a learning environment that encourages and motivates students. Our facilities are designed to keep up with the modern requirements and evolving needs of Catholic secondary school students. Facilities are contemporary and are set up to aid creativity, collaboration, and curiosity.

Our end goal is consistent across all campuses: facilitate positive learning experiences and develop students that are guided by a strong sense of belief and hope. Our ambition is to impact with intent; we want to be more than just a school in Berwick. Our ambition is to help students grow and play a positive role in the world they live in.

Reach out to our College administration team via email or phone to book a personalised tour if you are looking for a school in Berwick or are interested in learning more about St Francis Xavier College.


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