Jason Hibberd – Deputy Principal – Head of Campus

Jason Hibberd – Deputy Principal – Head of Campus

Vincent J Feeney – College Principal

Vincent J Feeney – College Principal

Tim Newcomb – College Vice Principal

Tim Newcomb – College Vice Principal

Welcome to Berwick Campus

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Opened in 2003, providing the opportunity to establish a curriculum to best meet the needs of Years 7-9 students.

The vision that drives the many programs and initiatives at the Berwick Campus is best embodied through creating a ‘Culture of Excellence’ in both character and achievement.

This asks all students to place great emphasis on the effort and time invested into not only achieving one’s potential academically but also to nurture, cultivate and develop one’s character to the full, to become ‘people for others.’

The teaching and learning landscape at Berwick seeks to reflect a vibrant 21st Century learning environment where skills and values such as creativity, collaboration and curiosity thrive, this is also enhanced through the use of technology.

The campus learning motto of ‘Pathways for all’ is reflected through the diverse and innovative curriculum which supports students’ individual pathways, programs include:

  • Year 9 Electives
  • Hands on Learning
  • ISP: Individual Student Programs
  • SIS Sport
  • Literacy & Numeracy workshops
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Extension programs such as; Tournament of the Mind and da Vinci decathlon
  • Debating & Public Speaking opportunities
  • Horticulture

Ultimately, we believe in developing  students to be guided by a strong sense of belief and hope who will inevitably grow to be of service in the world as they leave their mark.

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