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The Beaconsfield campus is our senior campus for year 10 – 12 students. Opened in 1978, and having built a trusted reputation over the years, the Beaconsfield secondary school campus is recognised as one of the best catholic schools in Beaconsfield.


Our values guide all that we do across all our campuses. The Beaconsfield  Campus strives to reflect a positive attitude and lead by example.


At the Beaconsfield Campus, students, parents, and staff work together to ensure students are fully supported in their learning journey. We realise that these are crucial years for students, so our goal is to facilitate to the unique needs of and support students as best as possible.

The curriculum at the Beaconsfield Campus is designed to support students and facilitate their growth by providing encouragement and pointing them in the right direction so that they can plan for future pathways.


It is our goal to provide a vibrant learning environment so that each student can achieve their best and strive for personal excellence. Facilities and learning spaces at the Beaconsfield Campus are designed to be modern, flexible, and personal, ensuring that learning is made comfortable and approachable for all students.  

Get in touch with the College administration team via email or phone to book a personalised tour if you are looking for a catholic school in Beaconsfield.

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Tuesday 21st June 2022 , 9.30am

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