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Year 8 Wellbeing Day-Officer

Year 8 students from the Officer campus participated in a day off normal timetabled classes to create a movie and learn all about  their character strengths. They learnt that we all have the 24 character strengths inside us and we are unique in which ones are our signature strengths, that is those strengths that we use a lot and are us at our core. Their mission for the day was to create a film montage, 60 seconds in length that explains to an audience all about their  chosen Character strength.

Previous to the day students had already completed a survey that resulted in them receiving a report of their 24 strengths in rank order. In period 1 on Thursday they attended an assembly and learnt how they can get better at using their strengths and how they can see others through a strengths lens to be the best they can be.

They then worked in teams of 5 students, researching their chosen strength, creating  a story board, filming, editing and choosing the music for their video. The day ended with the students presenting their movie to the class. The movies will be judged this week and the most creative team will each win a ticket to the movies. We will also share some of the most creative videos at our next assembly.

The purpose of the day was for students to change the way we look at ourselves and others, it is easy to look at what we don’t do well and judge others when they are not at their best, this day challenges students to look for what’s great in all of us. We are made in the image of God and Jesus calls us to let our light shine; learning about the character strengths is a way for us to shine our light and be the best we can be.



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