St Vinnies Soup Van Christmas Party

On 2 December, in conjunction with the Berwick St Vinnies Soup Van, the 2018 Youth Ministry students of St Francis Xavier College organised a Christmas party for the participants and volunteers of the Berwick St Vinnies Soup Van.

We hoped to show our gratitude for the unconditional service of the volunteers who regularly brings joy and stability to millions around the world, and offer a chance to share Christmas with the people who we have known when delivering food. Months in advance the student worked tirelessly, organising and planning this fantastic event with the helpful and careful guidance of our enthusiastic RE teachers.

The event turned out to be a huge success, as it served not only as a great eye-opening for the call of action desperately needed in this current society, but was also a chance for the students to grow in faith and confidence in their leadership skills. I hope this event will continue for many years, and is the beginning of a legacy that will strengthen the resolve for not only justice, but also for a much needed unity among our fragile community. As the students let their own light shine, they unconsciously liberated others. We gave permission for others to pursue their own passions and desires, seen in the smiling and grateful faces of many, who without a doubt went home knowing that they are cared for and acknowledged among their struggles.

Luke Cranswick, Year 11

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