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Environment Captain 2018 Report

We started the year running, with the installation of LED lights in the foyer and main complex of the hall. Following on from that, we changed the College’s system for staff meetings to use BioPak containers rather than plastic ones, and got approval for staff to bring their own water bottles rather than the College supplying disposable plastic ones. From there, we went above and beyond expectations with our fundraiser to launch the Simply Cups initiative around campus, raising enough funds to not only begin the process of working with the company, but ensuring that the College recognised us as a group of action, as seen in our title, rather than just a team with unrealistic ideas.

Continuing on, we sent five students and a teacher to the Casey Schools Environmental Summit, where we learned of so many more ways to make our College more environmentally sustainable. We’ve recently overseen the installation of the new water bottle filler/drink tap in the hall foyer, which displays how many plastic bottles we’ve saved resulting from the water used from that system. The Enviro Art project has exceeded expectations, bringing together students from all three year levels and staff from many different departments to make a project that really will have an impact on the way our college sees the issue of littering.

I can’t thank the everyone enough for their support, participation and encouragement throughout my time as Environment Captain. Special mention goes to the amazing team of staff who’ve worked tirelessly to finalise speeches, organise excursions, get projects approved, respond to 2am emails, secure assembly slots and many other fantastic contributions. 

Once again, thank you and I can’t wait to hear what the St Francis Xavier College Environmental Action Group gets up to in the future!

Rebecca Leed
Environment Captain 2018

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