2018 College DUX – Brooke O’Brien

We congratulate the 2018 St Francis Xavier College DUX:

Brooke O’Brien, with an outstanding ATAR score of 99.25!


Brooke said she was very shocked and surprised but very happy when she not only received her score, but when she was told she was the College DUX. She has worked hard and has been committed and dedicated to her studies since Year 7.

Brooke sat her first VCE back in Year 10 when she completed VCE Japanese, then in VCE History and Religion in Year 11, leaving only three VCE subjects to complete in Year 12.

She has been a wonderful ambassador for the St Francis Xavier College community, from being our Officer Campus Captain in Year 9, to being our Liturgy Captain this year. 

She now has the choice of her first two preferences for University to consider; a degree in Arts at The University of Melbourne, or a double degree in Arts and Law and Monash University.


We are also proud to announce an overall improvement in our VCE results in 2019:
  • Increased median study score
  • Increased % of study scores over 40
  • Increased % of ATARs over 90
  • Increased % of ATARs over 80
  • Increased median ATAR
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