Cantabile - Liturgical Choir

Liturgical Choir – Cantabile – is a Religious Education elective for Years 10 to 12, which has been running at the College since 2011. Cantabile lessons include regular references to Scripture, Prayer, the Eucharist, the Church, Music Theory and Music Singing.

Every year, Cantabile embark on a journey, exploring composition and how music shapes the meaning of a piece.  Through this journey, members of Cantabile have furthered their understanding of lyrics and text in the music they sing and as a result have been able to link this to scripture and prayer. This has enhanced the singing and music making experience for all involved and has allowed all members to connect with the music on a spiritual level.

Every August, the College celebrates Cantabile’s Night of Song, a reflection of material covered throughout the academic year. This evening is run by students in the Beaconsfield Chapel and is a highlight on the school calendar.  Reflections as written by the students are always a testament of Cantabile’s ability to bring people together through music and create a community that is built on respect, teamwork and support of one another.


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