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Student Leadership

We encourage our students to be part of the overall school leadership and to lend their voices on behalf of the student body. The main bodies for student leadership are the Student Leadership Executive, the House Executive on each campus, and the Student Representative Council (SRC). Leaders are selected by an election process, overseen by the Deputy Principals and Heads of Campus.

The Student Leadership Executive is made up of a variety of positions, led by the College Captains and Vice Captains. It also comprises a number of key portfolio positions, such as Liturgy, Justice, Sports, Arts, Debating, Environment and Yearbook Captains. The Leadership Executive is filled by Year 12 students. Our Junior Berwick and Officer Campuses have their own Campus Captains, and also Liturgy, Justice, Sports and Arts Captains. All roles are filled by Year 9 students.

Each Campus also has a House Executive representing the 8 houses. The House Executive comprises each campus’ 16 House Captains, typically a Year 9 (Berwick and Officer) or Year 12 (Beaconsfield) male and female from each house. Each House Captain supports the participation of all students in the College House Program, which incorporates sport, art and debating activities.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the main body for raising issues and ideas of interest to students and developing solutions to address them. Two representatives are elected from each house from Years 7 to 9 and Years 10 to 12.

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