Australian Geography Competition


The Australian Geography Competition is a contest for Australian secondary school students, assessing their geographical knowledge and skills. The Competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and to reward student excellence.

The Competition is open to students studying geography or any humanities unit that involves geography in all Years of secondary school. Initially held in 1995, the Competition has a wide appeal to students, their families and teachers. Over 66,000 students from 670 schools entered in 2016.

This annual event consists of multiple-choice questions testing geographical knowledge and skills. The answer sheets are centrally marked and all participants receive results and certificates – high distinction, distinction, credit or participation. Students will be graded at school year levels – Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, and Year 12.

Outstanding students at each age level win prizes which include books, special certificates, and medals depending on the age level.

The top male and female students in Year 11 (aged between 15 and 18 years old) in each State and the combined Territories are invited to participate in the annual Geography’s Big Week Out.  The Geography’s Big Week Out is a six day event which focusses on fieldwork, spatial technologies and analytical skills.  Australia’s teams to the annual International Geography Olympiad are selected from the students at the Geography’s Big Week Out.

Flights, accommodation, and meals for participants at the Geography’s Big Week Out and the International Geography Olympiad are met by the Competition.


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