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Year 8 City Experience

The Year 8 City Experience is a 5-day program in which students will travel to Melbourne each day and participate in a range of activities; visit famous sites and landmarks; and can explore what the city has to offer. During their time in the city, students will be collecting data, information, photographs etc. for a group-based inquiry project. This project will be shared with teachers and parents during a presentation evening upon completing the program.

The goals of the Experience Program are:

  1. To allow students to get to know the city of Melbourne; including landscape, public transport, navigation, culture and experiences.
  2. Develop collaborative and communication skills with a specific focus on problem solving and critical thinking
  3. To develop confident, independent young adults that are resilient in meeting the challenges of the program in a timely fashion.
  4. To develop their General Capabilities including: Creative and Critical Thinking, Personal and Social Skills, Intercultural Thinking and Ethical Thinking as outlined in the Victorian F-10 Curriculum.


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