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Wellbeing News – 31 October 2019


PERMA and Pathways

Subject selection is an important priority for students. Subject selection is a time when important decision-making skills are learnt and practiced.

The PERMA Model was developed by Martin Seligman who is recognised as being a founder of positive psychology. In his 2011 book “Flourish” he outlines the 5 components of PERMA which

He asserts should be present for us to experience good wellbeing. This model has informed the work of positive psychologist and positive education for years.

As parents look to support subject selection and the decision making of their young people, the PERMA model can open some conversations to help young people to consider what subjects bring them joy, what they strengths are, what they love working with others on, what makes they feel a sense of connection to their world, and what they do well at.

The elements of PREMA are: 


  1. Positive Emotion

What subjects bring them joy?

The theory is that we need positive emotions in our lives in order to feel a sense of our own wellbeing. These include joy, hope, gratitude, peace, and love. Being involved in activities or around people who boost our positive emotions have an overall positive impact on our sense of being happy.


  1. Engagement

What are their strengths?

The theory is that when we are truly engaged in task we experience a feeling that time is just “flying by” because we love what we are doing, and it is perfectly challenging to keep us interested. This sense of engagement helps our wellbeing because of the positive experience we have. The more we can create opportunities to experience this sort of engagement the better it is for us. Subjects, or activities that often create opportunities for this are good for our wellbeing, but different for different people.


  1. Relationships

What so they love working with others on?

The theory behind positive relationships is based on the premise that we are all social being who enjoy positive interacts with others and thrive when we are in heathy relationships. Often, in school or work settings, we need to work with others. Choosing to be in groups where we can enjoy the activity together and build strong connections to those around us is important for our everyday energy, enthusiasm and interest in what we do.


  1. Meaning

What makes they feel a sense of connection to their world?

The theory behind meaning is about recognising and having a sense of something that is bigger than one’s self. It recognises that happiness can be superficial but that truer (or deeper) happiness is achieved when we have a sense of what our personal or collective mission is. That is, our “why” for why we do what we do and for why we are here. It is because of this that we are often called to find work or activities that give us a sense of purpose.


  1. Accomplishment

What do they do well at?

The theory behind accomplishment is centred on the idea that we thrive when we feel we are competent and can contribute something of value to our community. This is what drives us to learn new things and to try to master them. It is what some people see as competitiveness. In order to feel a sense of wellbeing, it is important that we can feel we have done something of value. Looking for situations that will lead to this sense of accomplishment is important for our long-term happiness.



A Message from the First Aid Team

PAM Medical Updates


All parents/guardians are reminded to please ensure that all medical information for their child is up to date in PAM. This includes:

  • Medicare expiry dates being updated as required.
  • New diagnoses for serious illness and injuries being documented by parents/guardians via PAM and communicated to the campus first aid coordinator as soon as possible.
  • All students who are diagnosed with Anaphylaxis, Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy are required have the relevant and current medical action plan uploaded to PAM. Please note that these must be updated regularly according to the medical practitioner’s instructions.
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