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Wellbeing News – 27 June 2019


Time for a Holiday!

As we finish up Term 2, it seemed appropriate to take a moment to reflect on two amazing benefits of having holiday time: Having the time to do nothing and having time to spend with family.


Time to do nothing

Busy lives with a packed schedule is the new normal for most people. Between work, school, scheduled activities and essentials like cooking or cleaning, we often feel we have to consciously schedule in time to rest. But time to do nothing is known to have an important positive impact on our mental health. It not only gives us the chance to experience more positive emotions, it actually boosts our capacity for other activities. An “empty head” which was once thought to be a bad thing we now know can boost creativity and present solutions we would not have thoughts of if we had stayed stuck on our thoughts. So during the break between Term 2 and Term 3 it is the ideal time for students to do “nothing” and to do it well!


Time to spend with family

Spending time together during breaks, and taking time away together on holidays, has a positive impact on relationships within the family because it gives family members a shared experience and shared memories that can be recalled at a later time. Studies have shown that these shared experiences help people feel more connected to each other, help open communication and create a sense of solidarity. So while we can all think of the challenges sometimes involved in holidaying together, the benefits are said to significantly outweigh those challenges. In fact, the challenges themselves also help to create the closeness in relationship that can benefit us in the long run. So next time the holidays seem a little frustrating, remember it is likely for the best in the long run!

Information informed by PsychologyToday


Year 11 Retreat – Character Strength and Leadership

The idea of shared experience creating stronger relationships which can be experienced by families on holiday, is also promoted at the College through a number of activities and events. These promote connectedness to community. This week, the Year 11 students have been on retreat. It is always a privilege to be part of the retreat experience with young people. For this particular group, the retreat theme was leadership and students had the opportunity to reflect on their own gifts, talents and strengths and what this means for being leaders in their community. The shared experience of learning more about themselves and each other will help them prepare for their role as leaders of the College as they move into Year 12.

Below is a word cloud with some of the words that our Year 11’s identified as exemplifying the type of leaders they want to be. This hope and optimism for the future, and their clear commitment to our College community, gives us confidence as we continue to work towards creating a community where everyone can thrive.

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