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Wellbeing News – 26 March 2020


Benefit Mindset Challenge

With so many events and activities cancelled or postponed for our young people, both within the school setting and outside of it, there are many essential elements of activity, humanity and connection that have certainly not been cancelled. Our students have been exemplars of the fact that less gatherings and activities does not mean less care, compassion and kindness in our world.

As part of the Benefit Mindset Challenge, students across the College have been looking for new ways to have a positive impact in the community. With much uncertainty being part of our lives at the moment, this has been the perfect time for the conversation about Benefit Mindset. A Benefit Mindset has promoted students to looked beyond themselves to see how they can be of service to our community and they have prioritised sharing messages of hope, optimism and gratitude.

Students from all campuses have taken part in writing messages of gratitude to those working in a variety of important services. Letters have been sent to staff from local shops and to those working in local aged care facilities and hospitals. The messages have been received with much appreciation and has clearly been an example of the positive impact we can have on each other’s lives through simple acts of kindness and reaching out to others.

This term, our Wellbeing theme has been We Connect, with a focus on the skills relationships building. The actions of our students and staff during the benefit Mindset Challenge have certainly build a sense of connection and community and strengthened our attitude of service.


Suicide Awareness Program Postponed

Just a reminder that, in line with other College events, the Suicide Awareness Program that was scheduled for Term 2 is postponed to Term 4 with further details to follow.


School TV


From time to time it is valuable to check in on the School TV resource that is available to all families at the College. School TV offers a variety of short and practical videos and articles for parents. These provide advice and strategies from wellbeing experts in response to current challenges and topics facing the community.

School TV can be accessed via the home page of our website or by following the link:


Services that promote wellbeing

With students at home for a period of time and many services closed for face to face support, it is worth being aware of the many options that are  available within the community for online, phone, webchat or video support for mental health and wellbeing.

YCaSS is the City of Casey’s dedicated free counselling and mental health support service for young people aged 10 – 25 and their families by appointment. For all inquiries, please call their intake number on (03) 9792 7279 or text your name and number to 0417 347 909. For more tips and resources from the City of Casey Youth team you can visit:

For counselling support outside of school hours, you can also contact the following services:    




Kids Helpline

1800 55 1800


1800 650 890


Youth Beyond Blue

1300 224 686     


Suicide Call Back Service

1300 659 467




Kids Helpline Chat



eHeadspace Chat



Youth Beyond Blue Chat



Suicide Call Back Service


For information about mental health and wellbeing, you can explore:


For Family Violence phone and online support (24/7):


For parenting advice and support you can call Parent Line:

13 22 89

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