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Wellbeing News – 2 May 2019


Benefit Mindset

For more information about what Benefit Mindset means, please click here.

At the College, Year 7 students have been part of a masterclass with the developer of the Benefit Mindset model, Ash Buchanan. During this session, students have explored and developed their own mindset strategy. We have also been lucky to have Ash facilitate a parent evening as a great opportunity for parents to connect to the learning and mindset development of their children.

As a whole school, we have taken on the 21 Day Benefit Mindset Challenge. Through this challenge we encourage staff and students to do something for the benefit of others each day. In this way we intend to positively influence our College’s ecosystem of wellbeing and promote both personal wellbeing and connection to community. The Benefit Mindset Challenge is also a great way to live our Catholic Identity as we model being of service to others and help to create a ripple effect of good works in the community.


AWE Measure

Empirical research confirms a strong correlation between high flourishing/wellbeing and better academic outcomes and success. As such, the College is committed to helping students develop the skills of wellbeing and tracking not just academic progress, but also the progress towards better wellbeing. To this we access the Assessing Wellbeing in Education (AWE) Measure which is an online survey for students.

The group level aggregate reports about student wellbeing that are provided to the College from AWE inform wellbeing programmes and initiatives that are offered at the College.

For more information about the survey, you can visit the AWE website.


Suicide Awareness Sessions

For students in Year 9 to 12, one Wellbeing lesson this term will be dedicated to suicide awareness with a focus on how to get help from a trusted adult.

As part of College’s ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of all students, the College’s Counselling Team and Wellbeing Team have utilised contemporary advice in mental health and suicide awareness to develop the BE-SAFE acronym which promotes suicide prevention for young people and this is the basis of the Suicide Awareness Session.

For more details about the BE-SAFE message for Year 9 to 12 students, please see the letter emailed earlier this week to parents with students in these year levels.


Be observant – notice signs of risk like changes in behaviour, mood, relationships

Enter into conversation – be open to talking and willing to start a conversation

Show respect – pick an appropriate time and place

Ask the question – be clear so it is safe for the person to say they are not OK

Friendly support – offer friendship (not counselling or taking responsibility)

Engage help – get help from an adult who can access a mental health professional


For more information about the suicide awareness and resources for helping young people, you can visit the following websites:


If you would like your child at the College to see a College Counsellor, please contact Eve Power (Director of Counselling) or your child’s Head of House. Students who wish to speak with a counsellor can seek referral via any staff member.

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