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Vice Principal News – 12 March 2020



During this season of Lent students have been offered the opportunity to reflect upon their life and their relationship with God. Students have been praying and considering action which is inspired by Christ’s teachings. Significant focus has been placed on Project Compassion organised by Caritas Australia. 


Learning Program 

The learning program of the College continues to offer students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. The College is focused on providing a learning program which offers all students the opportunity to be met where they are at and to be suitably challenged and supported so they experience growth and progress. 


Student progress meetings 

As was communicated in the previous newsletter and via email to all parents and guardians, student progress meetings are currently taking place on the following dates (2.00pm – 8.00pm): 

Years 7 – 9:
  • 26 March
  • 15 April


Years 10 – 12:
  • 11 March (thank you to those who attended)
  • 26 March


On each occasion classes will conclude at 1.00pm for the year levels involved in the progress meetings. 

On 15 April College buses will depart at the regular time (post 3.25pm), however Berwick and Officer Campus students (who conclude classes at 1.00pm) may study in the LRC until the time their bus departs. 

Years 7 – 9 Cycle 1 Reports, and the Student Progress Meetings bookings site on PAM, will be published, and will open on 12 March at 6.00pm. 

If you need assistance accessing PAM please email

I strongly encourage parents to make bookings for the student progress meetings. It is during these meetings that relationships between students, parents and teachers can be fostered and clarity surrounding student progress and opportunities for further development can be explored. The student progress meetings offer a fantastic and effective opportunity to enhance student achievement.


Mathematics information night 

Thank you to the parents who attended the mathematics information evening on Monday night. This was a very positive evening when discussion took place surrounding how students engage with mathematics at St Francis Xavier College. The areas that parents and teachers support students in the development of their knowledge and skill in mathematics were outlined. Thank you to all parents who attended the evening. 


Year 8 City Experience 

Next Monday evening the College will be hosting at both Berwick and Officer Campus the Year 8 City Experience Parent Information Evening to inform parents about the 2020 program. After a successful 2019 Year 8 City Experience and review of this initiative, the College looks forward to the positive learning opportunity which the 2020 Year 8 City Experience promises to offer. 


PAM App 

The College will shortly inform parents about the PAM App which will, in time, replace SkoolBag. The PAM app will have push notifications and mean that parents can access PAM via an app as opposed to their web browser. 


Blessings for the next fortnight! 


Timothy Newcomb 

Vice Principal 

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