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Vice Principal News – 7 March 2019


College Directions

As you are aware our main directions for College are represented in Our Game Plan.  The four main strategies or plays, are listed below. 

Catholic Identity – orientating towards Christ

Positive Learning Partnerships – building stronger relationships

Differentiation – enabling growth for all

Wellbeing for learning – teaching the skills of wellbeing


In recent weeks I have seen evidence of each of these alive in many ways including:

  • Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • Students and staff relating at the Year 12 Formal
  • The writing of personal learning plans
  • Wellbeing classes


Cycle 1 Reports and Student Progress Meetings

Cycle 1 Reports are being published today.

The booking system for Student Progress Meetings will open Friday 8 March at 6pm.


Progress meetings will take place at the following times:

  • Thursday 21 March (2.00pm – 8.00pm)
  • Wednesday 27 March (2.00pm – 8.00pm)


On both 21 and 27 March, students will be dismissed at 1.00pm.


Professional Learning Day

A reminder that Friday 22 March is a Staff Professional Learning Day. This is a Student-Free Day.


PAM – student medical system and online excursion consent system

As you are aware we are now using PAM for online excursion consent.  Hard copies are no longer being used.  Medical information must be up to date on PAM to allow for excursion consent to be granted.  Parents receive an email when excursion consent is requested.


The PAM link can be found in the top section of this web page (if on mobile device, it can be found in the side navigation).

Instructions can be found on PAM via the Knowledge Bank and by selecting the following selections:

  1. Parent Information
  2. Medical Action and Management Plans

There you will find:

  • PAM – how to enter student medical details (a short movie)
  • PAM – how to enter student medical details guide (printed instructions)


If you need assistance accessing PAM please email

If you require any help with uploading medical information to PAM please email the Campus First Aid Officer:


Deb Royal


Kim De Waal


Di Woodhouse


Blessings for the next fortnight!

Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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