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Vice Principal News – 27 June 2019


I wish all of the students a happy and relaxing break over the upcoming school holidays!


Student Reports

Tomorrow afternoon, Cycle 3 Reports will be published to students and parents. I will send an email to parents when they are available on PAM.

I encourage parents to discuss the report with their son or daughter. It is good to celebrate achievements and to identify goals for next semester.


Year 9 Inquiry and Project Based Learning

Last week the Year 9 students displayed their learning from the Year 9 Inquiry and Project Based Learning subject. The outcomes of the projects were great but the student reflection on their learning was excellent. Thank you to the teachers who led these classes and to the parents who attended for their support.


Performing Arts

In recent days there has been a number of performing arts events at the College. We have had the first Year 7 Music Concerts. It was great to see what the students have learnt in only one semester.

On Tuesday evening was the College Jazz night at a venue in the city. On Wednesday evening was the Officer Campus Performing Arts Evening. Lots of talent was on display at these two events.

Well done to the students involved. Thank you to the staff and the parents for their support of the performing arts program.


Subject selection evenings

Thank you to parents who attended the Year 8 and 9 2020 Parent Information Evenings. We look forward to the Year 10 2020 Parent Information Night which is being held this evening. We will then be running the Year 11 and 12 2020 Parent Information Night on Thursday 18 July.


Professional Learning Day

Please note that as per the College calendar, Monday 15 July is a student free day. Teachers will be working together in teams on the development of differentiated curriculum. They will be working on:

  • Semester Achievement Level Rubrics
  • Assessment Task Rubrics
  • Differentiated Assessment Tasks
  • Differentiated Learning Activities
  • Course outlines

Blessings for the next fortnight!


Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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