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Vice Principal News – 26 March 2020


In these uncertain times, I hope that parents can feel some confidence in how the College will be able to continue to facilitate student achievement if a period of remote learning is required.  The College has been preparing for some time to ensure that learning can continue in such circumstances. 

Last week we shared with you the College’s remote learning model.  Staff have continued to prepare the need to possibly implement this.  I remind you of the model and how this will work if it is required.  Thank you also to parents for your support at this time.


Remote Learning Model

St Francis Xavier College


Remote Learning Cycle


  1. Weekly learning program

  • Teachers will set work for their class for the week and post this information on the Class TEAMS page or Class Notebook by 8.45am on a Monday morning
  • Student learning tasks will be set for the week and not lesson by lesson
  • Tasks will often be a series of small tasks which are manageable so that students experience success
  • Teachers may use other digital technology tools such as the following to provide content or instruction to students:
    • YouTube
    • ClickView
    • PowerPoint recording
    • FlipGrid
  • A Classwork Task will be configured in SIMON for the week


  1. Student learning time

  • During the week teachers will be online during the regular timetabled lesson time to:
    • respond to student questions in the Class TEAMS page
    • possibly Offer live (recorded as well) remote learning instruction and/or facilitated online conversation via Microsoft Whiteboard and TEAMs Live Event
  • During the week students will work through the learning program offered to them by their teachers for their various subjects
  • Students will be encouraged to work on their classwork during the timetabled lesson time and to engage with their teacher during this time
  • Students are expected to have a presence on a Class TEAM site or Class Notebook each day, Monday to Friday
  • Presence on Class TEAMs site and Class Notebooks will be monitored and addressed by Heads of House


  1. Reporting assessment of student progress

  • Teachers will make a judgement as to whether students have completed the set work for the week. The teacher will view the work via the following options:
    • Class TEAM
    • Class Notebook
    • Email
  • The teacher will record the judgement as one of the following for the Classwork Task for the week:
    • Completed
    • Not completed
  • If coursework is not completed it will be addressed initially by the class teacher



Remote learning and learning adjustment


Class work

  • Class teachers remain responsible to provide adjustments for students with disability.  Teachers email weekly specific adjustments to students requiring:
  • supplementary adjustments
  • substantial adjustments
  • extensive adjustments
  • The teacher will cc the Learning Support Officer assigned to the student in the email


Support from Learning Adjustment Team

  • Campus Learning Adjustment Leaders coordinate for each student on the campus receiving supplementary, substantial and extensive adjustments one Learning Support Officer as a point of contact
  • Learning Support Officers allocated to a given student will email the parent of the student once a week to check that the student is clear on the learning program and to see if there are any questions


Student wellbeing and remote learning

  • Classroom teachers will continue to provide regular wellbeing support for students
  • Students may continue to seek the support of their Head of House
  • Students may use the regular process for accessing counselling services


Communication with teachers

  • Parents should engage with subject teachers via email if they have any questions regarding their child’s learning program


Returning to school post a remote learning period

  • No assessment tasks, SACs or SATs will take place during the course of the first week returning from a remote learning period to allow teachers, students and school leaders to establish what is required for a settled return to school and to allow students and teachers to meet with each other to answer questions prior to any assessment taking place
  • The College is conscious of requirements of Units 3 and 4 VCE courses, VET and VCAL courses and will monitor the length of periods of remote learning and be in contact with VCAA accordingly



Blessings for the next fortnight!


Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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