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Vice Principal News – 14 November 2019


Congratulations to all our Year 12 VCE students for the way in which they have conducted their exams. Best wishes for students who are completing their exams in the coming days.


Commencement program

The College invests significantly in the Commencement Program. The Commencement Program is an orientation and induction program for students entering Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2020. Students begin their formal course of study for the 2020 academic year. Best wishes to all students as they engage in the Commencement Program.


Communication regarding 2020

Parents will all receive in the coming days an email with details regarding the 2020 school year.  This email will include information relating to booklists, term dates and school closure days, fees, buses and other information pertaining to next year.


Year 8 City Experience

Congratulations to Megan Ball, Kate Bamford, Hayley Griffin and all the staff involved in planning the College’s inaugural Year 8 City Experience. This City Experience promises to be a purposeful and engaging learning opportunity for all Year 8 students. All Year 8 students will engage in a week of preparation next week preceding a week of learning activities in the City of Melbourne during the week of 25 November.


Student achievement

Students are currently completing final assessment tasks for the 2019 academic year. I hope that students feel a sense of achievement and can identify areas of growth for them from this year. Teachers continue to post academic results on SIMON and PAM. Parents are encouraged to view these results and discuss their child’s progress with them. The final cycle report will be published at the end of this term.


Presentation Night

Parents of students who are being presented with awards and/or are performing or leading prayer at Presentation Night will have received an excursion event to give consent to on PAM.  Presentation Night for this year will be held at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, next Wednesday 20 November. The event will begin at 7.00pm and conclude at approximately 9:30 pm. Parents of these students have been invited to book tickets to presentation night via an online portal.


Blessings for the fortnight ahead!

Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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