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Vice Principal News – 1 November 2018


We keep students who have studied Units 3 and 4 VCE subjects this year in our prayers as they sit their final examinations.  Of course we continue to encourage students across Year 7 – 11 to make the most of the learning opportunities which continue to be offered to them in the coming weeks.


Learning Resource Centre Review

Over the course of 2017 and the first half of this year, the College conducted a review of the College Learning Resource Centres (LRCs). 

The LRC Review Outcomes include:

  1. LRC Vision Statement

This Vision Statement provides direction for the College, and in particular the College Resource Centres Leader, in relation to the future of the College LRCs.

  1. Recommendations

The recommendations provide a list of actions to be implemented to help realise the LRC Vision Statement.

  1. Staffing

A new staffing structure will be implemented for the LRCs.


I share with you the new LRC Vision Statement which has been established as part of the College LRC Review.

LRC Vision Statement

As a central and vibrant focal point of the school, the purpose of the LRC is to advance the learning experience of students and teachers. The LRC provides both physical and online learning spaces to allow students to develop their interpersonal and social skills both collaboratively and independently.  The LRC is integral to the College direction to be at the forefront of educational change and curriculum development.

The LRC aspires to provide, nurture and support an environment which embraces curiosity, exploration, critical thinking, empathy, and respect that will empower our students to become independent learners who can contribute to a local, national and global community for an ever changing world.

Teachers and students accessing the LRC will find:

  • access to relevant and purposeful resources to support student achievement
  • support to enable them to be effective digital citizens
  • support to develop the skills to integrate multiple literacies from across the curriculum
  • support to use information in a critical, ethical and reflective manner
  • help to expand communication skills, develop creativity and literacy skills to flourish
  • staff who exhibit a cultural sensitivity to the digital environment and learning resources
  • opportunities to utilise learning spaces outside of school hours
  • support to enhance pedagogy to cater for individual differences


Presentation Night

A reminder that this year’s Presentation Night will be held on Wednesday 21 November. Students involved have now received their permission forms. The booking system for tickets for seats at Robert Blackwood Hall (Monash University, Clayton Campus) for parents is likely to open on 12 November. Details will be emailed to parents when the system opens.


Blessings for the fortnight ahead!

Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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