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Vice Principal – 31 May 2018



As you are aware the College has a strong commitment to meeting the learning needs of all students.  We are very passionate about providing students with the learning opportunities which will allow them to grow.  A key part of this is:

  1. Making clear what achievement at different levels looks like
  2. Providing assessment tasks which provide students with opportunities to allow them to demonstrate their learning at the level which is appropriate for them
  3. Facilitating learning opportunities in class which allow students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding

As part of this approach students receive feedback on their learning on assessment tasks in SIMON/PAM.  The feedback is offered in the form of a rubric which shows students what they have achieved and what they need to do to achieve at the next level along.  I encourage all parents to view the rubrics on PAM.


Curriculum Review

The Curriculum Review has now concluded.  Thank you very much to all parents who participated in the various consultation forums.  The final outcomes will be communicated to students, parents and staff via email next week.  It is great to be able to look forward to the outcomes of the review and the exciting learning opportunities which lie ahead for the students.



Best wishes to students across Years 9 to 11 who will be sitting exams across the coming weeks.  Year 9 students will begin by completing a semester exam for English, Science and Mathematics.  Students in Year 10 and 11 complete an exam for all subjects they study.  Learning Culture Leaders and Directors of Learning Culture all helping students with strategies for exam success.  Class teachers will be helping students with preparation for their specific exam


Subject Selection 2019

Planning for 2019 is already taking place.  Next week I will publish information regarding key dates associated with the subject selection process.


Blessings for the fortnight ahead!

Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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