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Vice Principal – 20 September 2018


Congratulations to Year 9 students for their effort at Outward Bound last week! It was such a positive experience.  Students were active and developed team work skills and resilience.  Thank you to the staff involved, in particular Emily Roberts, Camps Coordinator, and Nicole Brennan, Rachel MacDonald and Natalie Lubin, Year 9 Learning Culture Leaders, for their organisation of this learning experience.

Best wishes to the students and staff involved in the Japan Study Tour.  The tour party left yesterday on an experience aimed at enhancing the students’ ability to speak and listen to the Japanese language as well as deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.


Planning for 2019

Planning for 2019 continues to progress.  Planning for the allocation of students to classes is going very well.  As you would be aware, the Year 8 and 9 curriculum structure for next year sees a significant increase in the amount of choice and flexibility for students with their learning program.  Students will study 9 subjects each semester (18 for the year) and currently it looks like 98.6% of students across Years 8 and 9 2019 will receive first preferences for all 18 subjects studied next year.  This is a very positive outcome and speaks to an appropriate number of classes to be offered and run, an effective curriculum/timetable structure and good timetabling.  Most importantly this should contribute to engaged students!

Staffing for 2019 is also well underway.  So far we have very few resignations.  There will still be a number of new appointments to cover staff going on leave, to cover increased enrolments at the College and to cover increased tuition time across the College, which is one of the outcomes of the curriculum review.  A number of appointments have already been made. We begin our planning for the following year early to help us to be organised. Part of this planning is also aimed at trying to appoint the very best possible teachers that we can as we recognise the importance of teacher quality.


Student Progress Meetings

Thank you to parents who have supported the student progress meetings held over recent weeks.  We know the importance of parents and schools working together for the benefit of positive outcomes for students.  We appreciate your support!


Year 12 end of year program

This is a very critical time for Year 12 students.  As you are aware we have remodelled the end of year program for Year 12 students.  For VCE students, all coursework is now complete and students have been engaged in revision in all classes this week.

Today we are conducting student progress meetings for all Year 12 students.  This is a good time to discuss ways that students can finish off the year strongly.  VCAL students need to know what they need to do to complete their certificate.  VCE students need to know what they need to do to perform as well as they can in the upcoming exams.  Pleasingly, the proportion of Year 12 students attending the progress meetings this year has increased from 40% to 75% which is a reflection of how the learning culture of the College is increasing. 

In the second week of the school holidays Year 12 VCE subjects will have revision lectures.  External presenters will address each class.  All Year 12 VCE students are expected to attend.  The program runs across October 1 to 4.

Trial exams will be conducted for Year 12 VCE studies during the first week of Term 4.  We hope that the modified revision program will better prepare students for their trial exams which are very important.


Presentation Night

A reminder that this year’s Presentation Night will be held on Wednesday 21 November.  Parents of award winners and students performing, or involved in other elements of the night, will be informed in early Term 4 of their child’s involvement.  More information regarding Presentation Night will be provided after the school holidays.


May the students enjoy the school holidays!

Blessings for the fortnight ahead!


Timothy Newcomb

Vice Principal

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