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Religious Education Department – 17 May 2018

Catholic Education Week

Catholic Education Week concluded on Friday May 4. A highlight of the week was an activity organised by the Year 11 Youth Ministry students. Our students were invited to wear a different colored pair of socks with a donation to Trinity Families. Over $400 was raised, and the eclectic set of socks that were being worn around the College showed that the students and staff enjoyed this opportunity to shine. Trinity Families is a fund raising endeavour in the Sale Diocese and aims to help struggling families of Gippsland. We can help in our parishes this month. The theme of Catholic Education Week, ‘Come and See’ was explored at our annual Youth Ministry Conference at Moe on May 2. Our students lead workshops, and brought excellent participation to the day. Mass was celebrated by Bishop Patrick O’Regan and our students appreciated participation in a question and answer session that covered many interesting topics.

This week our Youth Ministry students stayed overnight in CYC City, attended workshops on Empathy and Homelessness led by Urban Seed and Vinnies, and getting to know the Melbourne landscape. We conclude the retreat with Mass at St Francis in Melbourne.

Finally, here is a reflection that staff shared on our PD Day on Thursday May 10.

“Whoever is God that no one has ever seen 
What we know is that time and time again 
people are touched by God, touched by His love – 
and that can change your life.

And that He has a Name: “I will be there for you”. 
I will be there in your deepest innermost, 
in your heart and hands, in your speaking and acting.

I will be there as love and loyalty, 
in dealing with people, in working 
for a better life for all.

No one has seen God
Save, God might be able to be seen 
in people who each in their way 
make God’s name a verb in so many ways. 
Yes, God can be seen in people who believe 
that He is doing.” (Carlos Desoete)

We pray that at this time that as staff and parents we can share this life-giving message of God’s love with our students and model God’s presence for their lives, anso showing them how to ‘Be the Light of the World’.

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