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Principal News – 8 August 2019


In the next few weeks we are planning to officially open and bless the two latest building projects at Officer and Beaconsfield. Additionally, a new classroom block to cope with the growth at Officer has been approved by the Bishop.

It takes at least three years to take a building from concept to completion. So, these two projects have been in process for a long time. Getting the timing right in a growing school is an ongoing challenge, let alone when we are also trying to update other facilities to help improve learning outcomes and give students more options for their future.

In the nearly five years I have been at the College, we have spent over $30m on improving the learning environment with another similar amount to be committed in the next two years.

In another 5 years the physical environment will look very different.

At the same time, we have tried to improve traffic management at all three campuses. I am very grateful for the way families are working with each campus plan to make access safer, more efficient and to limit our impact on the local neighbourhoods. Particularly at Beaconsfield, drivers are working exceedingly well with the new pick-up and drop-off design.

However, there is still some work to be done to change this sufficiently at Berwick so as to enable us to start a really exciting rebuild of that campus.

So, I invite all parents and carers to consider coming along to the Term 4 Parent Focus Group where Vera Treloar will lead a discussion about future building plans as well as traffic management.

Why not come along and contribute?

And in Term 3 you will be invited to hear about the College’s approach to Child Safety. Details can be found in the Community Section of the newsletter.


Vincent J Feeney

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