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Principal News – 7 March 2019


I am sure you read about it in other sections of the newsletter, but the Year 12 Formal last Friday was a truly remarkable night.

You know that as families and as a school something’s working well when over 370 students attend a function and conduct themselves so beautifully. Those of you whose students attended will have heard of how much fun was had but maybe not been told how impressive they were.

Of particular note were the really positive interactions between students and staff; a specific Campus goal for 2019 under new Head of Campus, Rebecca Cetrola.


Then on Ash Wednesday at the Beaconsfield Campus the entire liturgy was led by students. Including the singing by Cantabile. And the presentation of Project Compassion.

At Officer the students led their liturgy beautifully in the various Houses.


And on the Tuesday night at the 2020 Year 7 Information Night we were treated to a magnificent address by Berwick student Mikaela. I have taken the liberty of reproducing parts of it below:

Good evening everyone,

My name is Mikaela Ryan and I’m from the Berwick Campus. Tonight I’m here to share my Year 7 experience with you to provide an insight into what high school is all about.

When I started last year, I had many mixed feelings about this new chapter of my life.

I arrived on campus that morning with a positive mindset which encouraged me to make the most of this first day. Due to this, I quickly learnt that high school wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought and there were many other year sevens in the same boat as me.

When the first week was over, I had already made lots of new friends in my classes and Care Group, and was benefiting from the staffs’ support and diverse teaching methods.

As it was a big school, I often found myself lost, however, my older peers were quick to assist and direct me to my classes.

The teachers, especially my Care Group teacher and House Coordinator, were always willing to answer any questions I had and would often check in to see how I was doing.

A major highlight from Year 7 was going to camp where I met most of my close friends…

Others include the many clubs where you can meet people with similar interests. I joined the School Production, House Dance, House Athletics, Beaumont Oratory, Swimming Carnival, Berwick Concert Band, Choir, Maths Competition and Anime Club. There’s also sports clubs, and you can even compete against other schools in SIS Sport.

Now that I’m in Year 8, I find SFX to be more familiar as I know the teachers, staff, and students, as well as where all my classrooms are.

I am really looking forward to the Year 8 city experience, where we will visit the city for 5 days to learn how to navigate around…

St Francis Xavier is a Catholic school, and the Chapel at the Berwick Campus is beautiful. Students can Altar serve, sing in the choir or perform at the masses, which creates a close-knit school community.

Finally, please make the effort to get involved in the many school activities on offer, have fun, make new friends, and forge your own special path at this wonderful school I now call home.


What a list of vibrant student involvement. From all the accounts above; Formal, Liturgy, Campus life. In this season of Lent there is no doubt the spirit of the gospels is alive in our midst.

It makes me proud to be the Principal of such a school, of such students.

I hope you are all proud to be part of this community too.


Vincent J Feeney

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