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Principal News – 6 September 2018


Around this time of year, some AFL supporters are happier than others are. For eight teams, hope lives on into September.

For the rest the reality is that if they are to prosper improvement is needed.

Schools are the same.

Each year we need to search for ways to better serve students and families ­- better ways to help everyone grow, find a pathway or to do better in the present.

Our planning for 2019 is well underway. New teachers, new subjects, new timetables, new middle leaders. They are not dramatic changes, but more a matter of tweaking the current model to find better ways to do and be a school.

It is for this reason that we have started the Parent Forums, and why we have conducted so many Information Nights based on Year Level issues, Campus or College matters.

Curriculum, communication, connection to the College, parenting or supporting the learning of your child have all been the focus of this work in 2018.

What we are trying to do is become an even better school for you all, and to do so within the limits of our capacity to make decisions about what sort of school we are.

I always try to be mindful of what parents ask for, expect or want. I recognise that we are entrusted with a sacred task; the care of someone very precious, but also very precious to you.

At the same time, so many others have authority over us; Governments, Church, Bishop.

We have many who expect certain things of us; regulatory agencies, education bureaucrats, Unions, Business/industry/universities.

However, a school that is disconnected from its families will struggle for relevance. Again, this our multitude of forums. These will continue into 2019.

Shortly I will share with you the new model which the Bishop has had designed for what used to be called the College Advisory Board.

At the same time, I will invite parents to consider making themselves available for the new body, St Francis Xavier College Advisory Committee.

The new body will not be focused on how the school operates on a daily basis but more on where it is going.


Vincent J Feeney


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