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Principal News – 4 April 2019


Please note: Due to a mix up, the Principal News for 21 March and 4 April articles were swapped accidentally during editing.

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What does it mean for us as Christians?

For me it is a reminder of the power of love. A love that puts others first, like the love of a parent; or a brave warrior; or an unselfish nurse; or a student of this College.

But 100 times bigger than that – at least.

We believe that God so loved the world that he sent his son. And his son, Jesus, so loved the world he gave his life for us.

This is part of the miracle of Jesus’ life.

As believers we have faith in these events and belief in their meaning.

However, the message for Christian people goes further than all of that. The life, teachings and example of Jesus challenges us to change the way we live – to be a people of love.

In our families we know what this can look like: Caring for each other, looking out for each other, being kind to each other, and fair.

At school it can mean a lot of the same things. Unconditional Respect and optimism are two characteristics we try to promote as non-negotiables at St Francis Xavier College.

Being a community of love means respecting each other as persons, regardless of differences and capabilities.

Being a community of love means being forgiving, not holding on to grudges for past wrongs.

Being a community of love means looking out for each other, just like you do in your family.

And it means caring for others in need. This is why Project Compassion is so important, and I am really grateful to McDonagh and Thomas Houses for their leadership of this initiative this year.

It is why we support the Vinnies Soup Van, as we have done for so many years.

It is why the College tries to look after families who are struggling; again a practice that is as old as the College itself here.

And an education at St Francis Xavier College has the capacity to inspire each and every student to be Easter Christians; people of love inspired by the teachings and example of Jesus who look for ways to make the world a better place. We achieve this through:

  • Project Compassion
  • Showing unconditional respect
  • Demonstrating optimism
  • Changing the world for the better

Like the students who are agitating for global action on climate change here and around the world.

Or closer to home, where last year’s College Vice Captain, Mary Evangelista, has become the President of the local chapter of Vinnies Soup Van – the youngest President in the 25 history of Victorian Soup Vans.

Easter people.

Let’s all try to find some way through our daily lives at home, work or school to be a people of love. More like Easter people.


Vincent J Feeney


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