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Principal News – 27 February 2020


Earlier this week, we hosted the launch of Project Compassion; the annual traditional fundraiser of the Catholic Church.

Many of us will remember the small boxes that have sat in the classrooms, family homes and church foyers of our childhood. And the encouragement we heard to give generously to those in need.

Hopefully we did too.

I don’t have the exact figures but CARITAS, the body that coordinates the activities of the Church in this sphere, has an excellent reputation for delivering a good percentage of donations to the various projects around the world and in Australia that it supports, and has done for many years.

Students were energised to play their part. And not just SFXC students – we were joined by students from each of the other six secondary schools in the diocese; from Bairnsdale, Cranbourne, Leongatha, Sale, Traralgon and Warragul, as well as primary students from Trinity, St James and St Brigid’s.

And to tie it all together, we had Bishop Patrick O’Regan DD leading the liturgy. I loved the way he drew together all the various strands of the celebration, his genuine warmth with the students and the way he spoke to the theme of Project Compassion.

Go further together.

It is such a powerful message to remind us all that our combined and collaborative efforts are always going to be greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

What was truly impressive also was the many roles played by students; from the Pancake Parable performance, to Cantabile, to the various prayers and readings.

This year I have been to three campus assemblies, as well as the Project Compassion launch. On each occasion students are front and centre. As they should be.

It is one of the ways in which this College excels. Clearly.

And the students are so poised, confident (or courageous) and generous in the way they lead or support those who step up.

This is not a perfect school or even a perfect community. But, the words of the bishop also apply to our SFXC community. We are more when we combine our efforts, our energies. When we collaborate.

It is a specific goal of mine for this to become a more present virtue in our being community.

I invite you all to join in whenever you can. To join in by being positive about the College; about Project Compassion, the academic program, the various arts or sports events and by attending Progress Meetings. Or even the Parent Focus Group.

Because then we too, as SFXC, can go further together.




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