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Principal News – 25 July 2019


Semester 1 is now complete, and students and families will have had the opportunity to read and consider the implications of their progress reports.

For some there will be advice on how to maintain the positive growth they have experienced, with time to feel good about the achievements that have come from a combination of hard work, support and skilled teaching.

For others there will have been an invitation to look at what strengths have been revealed and gaps need to be focused on.

For all, Semester 2 is a time for such action.

During this term, students will also be looking at their subject preferences for 2020. This is a wonderful opportunity for students and families to think about the following:

  • what are my strengths?
  • what are my areas of interest?
  • what am I passionate about learning?
  • what am I good at learning?

You see, when students really believe they can do well, then they are more likely to.

When students are trying to learn about things they have a passion for, then learning is easier.

When students play to their strengths, they are more likely to experience success.

So, when you as a family sit down to think and talk about the best 2020 program for your daughters and sons, please take into considerations the things I have mentioned. Think about these ideas, these questions.

And you will have the opportunity to do so with the support of College staff skilled and committed to the success of each student.

Especially yours!


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