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Principal News – 1 November 2018

This week my grandson had his prep orientation day. At the same time, the Year 12 students had their first exam (and before that a beautiful graduation Mass).

One at the start. Others at the end.

We cannot know what sort of world he will graduate into. Therefore, what sort of schooling will he need so as to be well prepared to face the world at that time?

One that offers choice, inspires imagination, creativity and problem solving. One that teaches him to work with others and to master tools that can help along the way.

One that teaches him to think critically so that he knows what the value of each idea might be. One that reinforces all the good things he has been given by his family.

While the world he enters may differ from the one our Year 12 graduates are entering in the next few weeks, his needs are not so different to theirs.

Once upon a time we filled student’s heads with facts and that seemed to be quite adequate to cope in the world. Some skills at school, some more from work or study and off they went to pursue life, a career and the world.

Now the rate of change, the sheer amount of information that is being created means we have to prepare our young people in different ways.

The aim of our curriculum review of the past two years has been to ensure that we offer students the skills, knowledge and relationships to be able to cope with the world as it changes around them.

Just because we can’t predict the future doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for it or learn to cope with it.

The toolbox young people need includes:

  • critical thinking
  • moral judgement
  • relationship skills and connectedness
  • self-regulation and resilience
  • digital competence
  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • self-knowledge

A healthy home life, a good school experience and involvement in community activities like sport, church, activity groups and the like can all be contributors.

We have tried to improve what we offer as a College so that whether our students are entering the adult world next month or, as in the case of my grandson, in 13 years, they gave been given the growth opportunities that better enable them to be successful.

So, as this year draws to its conclusion for our most senior students, know that we are working to make 2019 an even better one.

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