Officer Campus – 27 February 2020


Extreme Weather Event – Thank You to Students and Parents/Guardians 

I wanted to pass on my thanks for your support and understanding with the school pick up during the severe weather event on the afternoon of Friday 14 February. Our Campus Leadership Team had been looking at the Bureau of Meteorology website in the lead up to the student dismissal and we were in regular contact with the other Campuses. During this challenging situation you saw our campus at its best; working together to get the best outcomes for the students in our care. Thank you to the parents and guardians who took the time to email over the weekend to pass on their appreciation to our community. 


Officer Campus Global Citizen Project

We have engaged Marg Hepworth from The Gandhi Experiment to bring to life a Global Citizen Project which aims to build connection to community amongst our students. Margaret specialises in peace and values education and global citizenship. After working for years as an educator, she founded The Gandhi Experiment, and is considered an expert in teenager motivations and behaviours.

Objectives of the Global Citizen Project

  • Equip students with forums to model the use of conversation over physical response.
  • Create a culture of peace, acceptance and welcome.
  • Build social identity through connection. 


Congratulations to the Officer Campus Duxes 

Eshara Gajadeera Arachchige – Year 7 Dux 

When I look back on 2019, it is rewarding to see the outcome of the hard work I put in. It is hard to believe the challenges I overcame, but it’s great to know that I have learnt so many things through this path to achieve the goals I have set. 2019 was one of my best years yet!

Going back to the start of Year 7, I worked hard to make my teachers impressed, I always put in the effort to produce something I was proud of, and I always asked questions regarding the work. My path to success was created because of all the effort I put into the tasks I was given. Every day, I would come home and study, and finish off tasks before the due date. But I can’t say that it was all me.

Throughout Year 7, my teachers helped me achieve my goals. I would like to thank all my Year 7 teachers who developed my inner strength. I would like to thank Miss Thompson for giving?up her time to teach me?all the sports?skills?that I?know now that I most definitely didn’t know?prior to Year 7.? Most of all, I would like to thank Miss Amorosi and Miss Sathiavan for the time they spent to help me become the high achiever I am today. Without these two amazing teachers, I wouldn’t have faced the many challenges that shaped me into the person I am today.?

My teachers did all this for me because of the positive partnership we shared, without this important bond, I wouldn’t have been able to experience what I had last year.?With effort, and a positive partnership between teachers, every year, can become a successful year?for everyone!


Ally Rose Williams – Year 8 Dux 

Last year was a very successful academic year for me. This came down to me being able to manage my time using planners and making sure I could balance my school life and social life. It was important for me to be able to unwind and take a break from schoolwork, so I didn’t burn myself out. As soon as I received work, I would make a start on it, so I wouldn’t have to stress about it through the days ahead.

I was lucky to have the support of so many teachers who helped me to achieve my best even through the hard times. Miss Cho, Miss Dickson, Mr Doherty and Mr Bennet, along with many others, have pushed me and supported me to do my best. My advice to anyone who is wanting to improve with their learning is to stay focused and make the most of your opportunities.



Ashreena Arul Dass – Year 9 Dux 

Last year, I used many different strategies that enabled me to be successful with my learning. One of the major strategies, was time management. I was able to designate a set time for each of my subjects and would prioritize what subject I needed to spend more time on so that I could excel in that particular subject. I always tried to improve myself in areas I believe I needed to improve in. Continuous improvement was another strategy that enabled me to be a successful learner.

Finally, I was always goal driven. I would set high standards for myself and would aim to achieve them. I made sure I gave in 100% to whatever assessment or test I did, and this ensured that I would reach my goal. I always aimed for more than what I thought I was capable of and this was certainly another strategy that enabled me to be successful in my learning.

I believe that all teachers that taught me through my years at Officer were helpful. They all helped me to be the best I can be in some way or the other. However, teachers that really stood out to me and were really helpful in ensuring I got the best out of my learning include, Miss Sathiavan, Mr Doherty, and Miss Marcello. They all challenged me to be better each day and made sure I got the best opportunities possible in my learning. Thank you to all my teachers!


Project Compassion – Go Further Together 

Each year, Project Compassion runs during the six weeks of the Church season of Lent. Starting on 

Ash Wednesday, we invite people across Australia to help us raise awareness and stand in solidarity with the millions of people in the communities across the world with whom we work. We ask you to join us in building a more just and fairer world: a world in balance, at peace, and free of poverty 

Project Compassion is an opportunity for students to learn about life in different countries through the personal stories of people who have participated in Caritas Australia supported programs. The notions of our interconnectedness as one human family are embedded throughout the content and suggested learning tasks. Please get behind Project Compassion in 2020. 


Lisa Harkin – Deputy Principal – Head of Campus – Officer 


Year 7 Camp 

Last week the Year 7 Officer students travelled to Kyneton for Camp. By 8.00am, students were filling up the Officer Hall quickly. A mix of both nerves and excitement filled the room by both parents and students. By 9.30am we were on the road and ready for the two-hour drive ahead. Once we arrived at the Camp in Kyneton, students gathered in the Hall to find out their activity groups and accommodation details. We were greeted by our new instructors, placed into tribes and we began our activities for the day. 

Over the three days we engaged in activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling, and swinging activities like the giant swing, flying fox and the possum glider. There were plenty of opportunities for team building with activities like raft building, orienteering and bushcraft where we built our own huts and tried to make them waterproof. 

Highlights were the Mass presented by Deacon Graeme. We also had a House battle to see who had the best chant and the house who was the most energetic. Another highlight was students could choose to watch a movie or do some bad dancing at the Disco. The movie that they were showing was Night at the Museum.

Liam – Year 7 


One of my highlights was the flying fox. You had to go down in groups of four, as there was four ziplines, and my group went four times. We were having a blast by racing each other and doing funny poses. My other highlight was Bushcraft because my team won by creating the most wind proof and waterproof tent by using sticks to cover the sides of the tent that were open.”

Tobi – Year 7 


Maths Pathway 

Welcome to the 2020 school year! At St Francis Xavier College, we use Maths Pathway, a differentiated online program to allow all our students the opportunity to grow mathematically. I would like to congratulate our students for the positive energy and enthusiasm they have brought to our Math Classes so far. Keep up the great work. 

Jenna Dore – Numeracy Leader – Officer 


Officer Campus – SRC 

The SRC have been busy planning for SFXC Day and raising money for the Gippsland Bushfire Relief. Following our free dress day, the students had proudly donated $650. Well done to all involved. 


  • Olivia Turner 
  • Ethan Norbury 
  • Eshara Gajadeera-Arachchige 
  • Tammy Ngo 
  • Phoebe Woods 
  • Aleks Feher 
  • Neomi Gestano 
  • Daniel Zammit 
  • McKenna O’Reilly 
  • Alex Williams 
  • Kate Casiple 
  • Jeoff Ramos 
  • Cienna Jones 
  • Muhammadah Kashif 
  • Ella Edwards 
  • Jashan Kaur


LEGO in the Learning Resource Centre 

This year the Officer Learning Resource Centre is introducing LEGO as an activity that will run alongside the board games, reading, and social interactions of our students at Recess and Lunchtimes in the Learning Resource Centre.

As this is a new initiative, we would like to make a call for donations. If you have LEGO that you no longer require but would like to donate it, please contact Lauren Murphy (Learning Resource Centre Manager – Officer Campus) on We thank you in advance. 


Ashtin Ryan, David Eastaugh and Tua Watts creating a LEGO masterpiece


Lauren Murphy – Learning Resource Centre Manager – Officer 


Debating News 

Ally Williams is our Debating Captain for 2020. We have three different competitions: House Debating, DAV Debating and SIS Debating. The teams are now full for SIS and DAV, but students are encouraged to sign up for House Debating once a notice goes in the Bulletin. House Debating is open to all year levels and Round 1 will be held at school on 20 April. The semi-final will be on 4 May and the Grand Final will take place on 18 May. Good luck to all Houses. 

DAV Debating takes place at St Margaret’s Berwick, on Thursday nights. There are five rounds. Round one is on Thursday 5 March, so we have been busy preparing our arguments.

SIS Debating will be held at John Paul College, Frankston on 29 July and 27 August. We are looking forward to a successful year.

Leesa Gordon – English Teacher – Officer 


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