Officer Campus – 26 March 2020


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Congratulations Franco! 

Franco has been asked to go to Qatar in April with the Australian Under 16s soccer team. Franco already plays for Melbourne Victory having been invited to participate in their academy last year. He is committed to his soccer, travelling to Footscray by train multiple times a week for training and playing games. What an exciting opportunity for Franco! We are very proud of his dedication to his sporting pursuits! 


GPFLA Building Update 

The cranes were on site today to lay the foundations of our new GPFLA Building. One of the Year 8 students said it was exciting watching them work. I agree! 


Maths Pathway Information Evening 

Last week we held the Maths Pathway Information Evening in the LRC and the GP Building. The evening was very well attended, and parents engaged willingly in the content of the evening. Congratulations to Tim O’Meara and Jenna Dore on the excellent format of the night.

Our data indicates that after six months, in September of last year, the Year 7 cohort was demonstrating average growth rate, within the program, of 1.22 years growth for a year of learning. 

Our students were growing at a rate, on average, double the rate that they had prior to coming into Year 7, and 22% greater than what is expected for a year’s learning. 

First and foremost is that teachers know their students – Our teachers access a range of data even before they’ve met their students, to begin to develop an understanding of their abilities and learning needs. Past school reports, NAPLAN and ACER data all assist with this understanding.

Secondly our teachers know the continuums of learning relevant to their teaching area and they share that with their students. That way everyone knows what is being taught, why it’s being taught and what is to come next. 

Thank you to Michelle Heitch, Rene Marcello, Jarryd Black, David Bennett and Melissa Papotto who were in attendance on the night. 


Quality Teaching Project 

This term, the Heads of Campus have focussed on quality teaching and enabling collaboration. We believe that our students are the ones in the classroom who are able to provide a unique perspective to finding strategies to improve teaching and learning. With that in mind, we surveyed the students at Officer Campus to enhance student-teacher relationships and teaching and enable student growth by asking: 


  1. What is your favourite subject and why?
  2. Think of your favourite teacher. Why are they your favourite teacher?
  3. Do your teachers take on board your feedback?
  4. Do you feel that having a good relationship with your teachers is crucial to your ability to learn?
  5. Do you feel that your teachers genuinely want to help you learn?
  6. Are your teachers approachable?


The students were very affirming of their teachers who were regularly described as amazing, friendly, organised and fun. 


Student of the Term 

Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised for their: 

  • General excellence (i.e. class work, support of teachers, uniform, behaviour);  
  • Ongoing dedication to a particular task or duty (i.e. a sustained effort/commitment);
  • Significant improvement as a result of concerted effort;
  • Goodness (i.e. something which exemplifies what we stand for); 
  • Particular act of courage;
  • Pursuit of personal best;
  • Excellent role modelling; and


Student of the Term – Year 9 

  • Max Setches– Year 9 – White House 
  • Alecia Partridge Pham – Year 8 – Schneider House

Student of the Term – Year 8 

  • Jeoff Ramos – Year 8 – Synan House
  • Rhylee Chadwick – Year 8 – Burgess House

Student of the Term – Year 7 

  • Darcy Vane – Year 7 – White House
  • Krystal Williams – Year 7 – White House


Lisa Harkin – Deputy Principal – Head of Campus – Officer 


Benefit Mindset Challenge 

This Term, Officer Campus launched the Benefit Mindset Challenge during a recent Wellbeing Session. The challenge is very simple, for 21-days, beginning on the Friday 13 March, students and teachers were invited to practice a small act of everyday leadership such as an expression of gratitude or an act of kindness. The only catch with the challenge is that every day, the action chosen must be something new.

It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which both students and teachers have embraced the challenge. Many smiles have been generated as random acts of kindness have ensued. Doors have been held open, gratitude notes have been distributed, encouraging emails and text messages have been sent and cookies have been baked.

As this challenge runs until the end of March, it would be wonderful if the challenge could continue at home and I invite and encourage all parents and family members to get involved. 

Stephanie Rogan – Wellbeing for Learning Leader – Officer 


Volleyball Winners – Congratulations! 

In Term 1, I had the privilege of coaching a very special group of girls. Ten girls from different walks of life came together to represent the school in Volleyball, a sport very unfamiliar to many of them.

The girls trained once a week, sometimes twice and played their matches on a Friday afternoon. The girls finished the season with 3 wins and 1 hard fought loss to the Beaconsfield Campus. This hard work and commitment did not go unnoticed, with the girls being rewarded for their efforts at the end of the season, finishing on top of the ladder for the SIS Intermediate Girls Volleyball A Grade Division (The first A Division win for the Officer Campus)! 

Of course, as a coach it was great to see the girls win at the conclusion of the season, however, the greatest reward was seeing girls who otherwise would not cross paths and socialise at school, working together on the court, building relationships and having fun. Each of these girls loved being a part of this team and it was an absolute privilege to be their coach. 

A big congratulations to the following girls: Hailie Pastras, Isabelle Toma, Skye Ferguson, Matilda Nicholas, Estella Michael, Ayom Alier, Nyapuok John Jock, Cienna Malic, Molly McLeod and Charity Aloyo.  

Cassandra Maldonado – Health & PE Teacher – Officer 


Conflict Poem

By Caroline Stanley (Year 9)


Conflict is like a clash, a feud,

Causing anger and stress letting everything out, leaving us nude.

Feeling exposed, fragile and confused,

The words and the rage leave me abused.

Conflict can be as little as an argument to as big as a war,

It can bring people together or leave people torn, but even though it seems so bad it leaves us wanting more.

It’s the fuel that drives people insane,

But sometimes we go hard and crash, resulting pain.

Our dispute was like a disturbance of the peace,

But it hurt so bad, it ached me… it felt like my heart would cease.

I want nothing but harmony,

Coming together and becoming a unity.

Yet conflict is normal, a useful process,

It’s not meant to be easy, it comes with stress.

Usually it is dividing and confronting,

Crushing me down, emotionally blunting.

Others enjoy the rivalry and provoke the strife,

But that’s not something I want to be the focus of my life.

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