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Officer Campus – 26 July 2018

Subject Selection

Our student campus community are currently in the midst of subject selection and planning for 2019.  There have been a number of support opportunities made available to students to enhance

their decision-making including careers counselling, information sessions, year level gatherings, and student-teacher meetings.  The recent Curriculum Review outcomes for 2019 will provide students with personalised learning opportunities and pathways and it has been wonderful to hear students getting excited about their future learning pathways.  Thank you to Mr Tim O’Meara, Director of Learning Culture, who has led and coordinated the subject selection process.

Synan Head of House

At the end of last term we farewelled Mrs Amy Olston, Head of Synan House, as she embarked on maternity leave.  We thank her for her tireless efforts, professionalism, and expertise over her time at Officer campus.  Ms Shiona Dickson has replaced Mrs Olston for semester 2, we know that our students will be well supported and cared for under Ms Dickson’s leadership.

St Francis Xavier Day

St Francis Xavier Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 15 August.  Students are reminded to wear full PE uniform or winter uniform.  Students will begin the day celebrating Eucharist with the entire school community, and then return to Officer Campus for celebration activities.  These activities include inflatable rides, dance competition, music performances, SRC games, food stalls, bead making, and a whole lot more.  Students are reminded to return their permission form for the day.


Students and Parents are reminded that once students have arrived at the College in the mornings, they are not permitted to leave the grounds.  We ask parents to remind their children of this.


The Debaters Association of Victoria Schools Competition was held over 5 rounds on Thursday evenings at St Margaret’s School.

 Round 1: Alyanna Trajano, Emily Orford and Lauren Symmons (Debating Captain) defeated St Paul’s Anglican Grammar.  Alyanna and Emily were both given Best Speaker. 

 Round 2: Alyanna Trajano, Emily Orford and Lauren Symmons defeated Berwick Grammar.

 Round 3: Holly Dyason, Claudia Poblete Bustos and Lauren Symmons defeated Berwick Grammar. This was Claudia’s first debate and she did really well. Lauren was awarded Best Speaker.

 Round 4: Holly Dyason, Osanda Wewalwala and Lauren Symmons lost to Mary McKillop.

The adjudicator said it was a very close debate.

 Round 5: Alyanna Trajano, Emily Orford and Lauren Symmons defeated St Margaret’s School

Emily was awarded Best Speaker. 

 Overall the students were very well prepared and represented our College with enthusiasm. 

They were very receptive to the adjudicators’ feedback and used this to improve their debating skills.  They are now looking forward to SIS Debating.















Coles Sports for Schools

For the duration of term two, families and friends of St Francis Xavier College collected Coles Sports for Schools vouchers and generously donated them to the Officer Campus. At the end of the promotion, in excess of 12,000 vouchers were collected.

These vouchers were then traded for sports equipment to be used by our students. This year we were able to source new footballs, hockey sticks/balls, soccer balls, soccer uniforms and storage bags.

















Traffic Law Enforcement by Victoria Police

St Francis Xavier College is committed to creating a safe environment for our students, parents, staff and visitors. As such we have been working with the local authorities to enforce traffic restrictions around each of the Campuses. Please note that there will be enhanced Victorian Police presence at all of the Campuses to enforce Road Laws especially in relation to parking restrictions, speeding and obeying traffic signs.

Parents and Guardians at the Berwick Campus should note especially the new restrictions on right hand turns. Right hand turns will not be permitted into or from Ridgemont Drive during school speed time zones of 8am – 9:30am and 2:30pm – 4:00pm. Cars wishing to turn into the school will do so via a left hand turn only. Cars will need to turn at the roundabout on the corner of Ridgemont Drive and Flowerfield Court so they are positioned to do a left hand turn back into the schools.

Finally a reminder that Parents and Guardians may not enter the school grounds at the Officer and Beaconsfield Campus to drop off or pick up students.

Fines for such breaches of the road laws are listed below:

  • Failing to obey the no right hand turn is $201.00
  • Double parking – $95
  • Stopped – obstructing access to footpath $ 95 (potentially when cars are banked up in the driveway and forcing students to walk around their stationary vehicles)
  • Stopping on a school crossing – $ 159
  • At a school crossing – failing to stop and remain stopped when hand held stop sign is displayed or pedestrians entering/on crossing $ 396 and 3 demerit points
  • Driving on footpath, which also includes driving on the nature strip $159

The College would like to thank the Victorian Police for their support in implementing strategies to improve the traffic flow around each campus to improve the safety for all.


Invitation to Paddy’s Kitchen:

Paddy’s Kitchen is an outreach of St Patrick’s Parish that provides a FREE Roast Dinner to families in need or to those who are finding life difficult at the moment. NEXT serving will be Sunday 5 August, commencing at 5.30pm with dinner served at 6pm in the St. Patrick’s  Parish Hall. ALL WELCOME

Paddys Kitchen Flyer and Directions


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