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Officer Campus– 20 September 2018


Outward Bound

Congratulations to all of the Year 9 students who have recently completed their Outward Bound experience at one of the three sites; Licola, Snowy Mountains National Park and Black Ranges State Park.

Our staff were impressed by the student’s resilience and tenacity as they approached their challenges head on and with the support of each other.

Here are number of the student’s reflections:

Outward Bound was an amazing experience, we learned new and different things about our group members and we all encouraged each other to try our best. What I loved most was how we helped each other out and that we were able to   have a laugh through some of the rough things were faced as a group. This experience was amazing and I would do all of it again in a heartbeat. (Tahlia Dickson)

Outward Bound, was an experience I don’t think anyone of us will ever forget. It was full of memories, tears and emotions that overwhelmed everyone. It pushed even the toughest students to their limits and highlighted each one’s personal strengths and weaknesses. The Outward Bound program brought friends closer, sharing inside jokes and many laughs that will cause us to smile in many years to come. The one main thing that I took from this experience, is that no matter the challenge, whether it be a long hike or the personal strengths it required, that there is always a way, to ensure that you are not alone. Ensure that you are surrounded by people who support you and make you feel safe. I am grateful for this experience and hope that in future years, many other students can experience it as well. (Emily Orford)

Outward Bound was one of the most challenging experiences I have ever done. Being away from my family and the hiking would have to be the hardest of them all, it shows how physically and emotionally challenging it was. Everyone supported everyone and just had fun as we did rafting on the 4th day. Overall, I wouldn’t change anything about this experience. Thank you to my group for making Outward Bound so much fun as it holds heaps of memories for me to look back at.  (Isha Doolar)

What a wild experience Outward Bound was! This camp was an emotional and physical roller coaster, I got sores on my back and feet but I am glad that I participated even.. Outward Bound has made me grateful for my parents and all they do for me, you never realise all you have until it is taken away from you, hence now why I appreciate so much more. Some things I loved included waking up to a beautiful sunrise and sleeping under the stars, cooking food over a fire, abseiling, caving, hanging out with friends and making new one. A big lesson I learned during Outward Bound is too look at situations from a different perspective, (eg) before Outward bound I would see a “glass half empty” after it I am trying to see a “glass half full”. I learnt, that it isn’t the way a situation is presented to you, it is the way you see it, and then how you can move forward and change it.   (Darcy Paterson)

Outward Bound was full of activities we wouldn’t do in our everyday lives. From abseiling to the hikes, we were forced out of our comfort zones and learned to appreciate the simple things in life we take for granted. Overall, I really enjoyed Outward Bound and all of the activities we did. (Patrick Kewin)

Outward Bound was unexpectedly one of the best experiences that I have had the pleasure of taking part in.  Although the physical activities such as hiking for long hours on different terrains such as the bush filled with trees and logs, uphill over mountains and rocky roads was difficult at times, when my group gathered around the fire and told humorous stories it felt like a true community filled with teamwork, humour and zest. From this wondrous experience, I have learnt that you shouldn’t give up too easily because you can actually do much more than you think you can; whether it be walking further than you thought you could or working with people that you wouldn’t normally expect to work with.  (Lyndseiy Limosnero)

Outward Bound was a great experience that built stronger friendships and character strengths within us. It was a fun, but challenging experience that we will remember forever. I really enjoyed the white water rafting, and I found the hiking down the steep mountains quite challenging. I learnt that perseverance is a very helpful and effective character strength that can be used daily.  (Karly Meinecke)

What I enjoyed about Outward Bound was connecting with other students that I normally wouldn’t have thought I had anything  in common with but it was the complete opposite, I had gain new friends and the students in my group worked well together. Outward Bound was challenging  at times but it has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and to never give up. (Achool Aying)



Burgess House Assembly

This week we celebrated our character strength, Humour, at the Burgess House assembly. Our two captains, Fergus and Chelsea, did a great job leading an assembly full of dad jokes, skits and even a stand-up comedian.

All present were entertained, but also learnt that humour is a valuable character strength that can break the ice, make a difficult moment a little easier or help break down a barrier.


New Building Works

Our new Music, Drama and Dance Building is progressing well and will be available for our new music, dance and drama curriculum that is being implemented, as part of our major Curriculum review we have conducted over the past 15 months, early next year.

This space is going to provide small group and individual music lesson spaces, multiple classroom spaces for music, dance and drama, as well as a small gathering space for performances and assemblies.


Student Progress Meetings

A massive thank you to all families and students for their support over the past 10 weeks of this term. Our recent Student Progress Meetings were a wonderful opportunity to continue to build the positive learning partnership between the school and families and do this in a respectful manner that will provide students and their parents’ guidance and support progressing into Term 4.


Summer Uniform

Term 4 commences, our students will be able to transition back into the summer College uniform.

A few things to remember:

  • All students should have their SFX hat each day and it is to be worn at recess and lunchtime
  • Summer dresses should be at knee length (may need to check after 6 months not wearing them) and white socks (no anklet socks)
  • No ties to be worn
  • Blazer is only required if you wish to wear something home to keep warm. If worn, it must be the external garment.
  • Trousers can be worn (boys and girls).

    In addition, if PE uniform needs to be worn, it needs to be worn correctly. The SFXC leggings are not to be worn as a substitute when wearing the PE uniform to school, it may be worn during PE classes only.


Religious Education News – Kevin Woodhouse



Last week I attended a training session on the Catholic Bishops’ Plenary for 2020. Information about the Plenary can be viewed at: Here is a message from the website about the 2020 Plenary Council:

Welcome to the Plenary Council 2020

Together, we are on a journey of listening to God by listening to one another. We invite all Australians to engage in an open and inclusive process of listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.
Your voice is needed – join in! Speak boldly and with passion, listen with an open and humble heart. With faith and guided by God’s Holy Spirit, we journey together, toward the future.

This listening exercise is inviting all Australians to reflect on and answer the question: What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time? Between now and March, we will be offering opportunities for staff, students and parents to respond to this question, and to make submissions. Parents are welcome to contact me at , or Deacon Graeme Pender, to register interest in being part of this important event in the Australian Church.


Immersion to The Philippines

Last night we held our second information evening on the Immersion to The Philippines, which is occurring from 7 – 17 December. 12 students and three staff will be travelling to The Philippines to spend time with 42 families, to get to know them, to walk with them in their village for a week. On the way to and from Bantayan, the group will spend time in an orphanage and Good Shepherd centre in Cebu. The trip is being led by Daniel Kuzeff, a member of Catholic Mission. Students have been preparing for this trip all year, and at the information night answered a number of questions held by families. We look forward to hearing of the stories of this group, including teachers Liam Doherty, Rachel MacDonald and Vithiya Suthiavan.


Opening of Our Lady Help of Christians and Ruben Centre Appeal.

Deacon Graeme and I will be attending the opening of the renovated Chapel at Our Lady Help of Christians on Sunday September 23 at 1:30pm. We will be joined by eighteen students who will represent the College on this important day. Our connection to parishes is an important one, and this has been shown in the last two weeks with over ten thousand dollars collected at St Michael’s and St Patrick’s for the Ruben Centre Appeal. We thank the students and staff who attended these Masses and spoke about the continued support for young people that our school and parish give to this worthwhile charity.


Outward Bound Reflection Day

This week we held the Outward bound Reflection Day, with Year 9’s from Berwick and Officer joining for Mass, followed by input from Sam Clear, who shared his journey walking across the world. Students were able to de-brief about their experience of Outward Bound, and hear of the challenges Sam faced in his walk of unity. It was great to hear the questions asked of Sam, who talked about his connection to God, which helped him through many difficult times in his journey.


We now have a Mini-Vinnies cluster at our Berwick and Officer Campuses. Michelle Pereira and Liam Doherty led this day on Tuesday. Three primary schools, along with St Peter’s Cranbourne attended the day. The aim of the Mini-Vinnies Cluster is to explore the ways that our communities can uphold the dignity of all people in our region, with emphasis on building awareness raising campaigns and connection with those who need a voice.


Finally, we conclude with the prayer of the 2020 Plenary Council. We pray this this time will renew our commitment to the Good News of Jesus Christ, as lived and expressed in our Australian Catholic Church.




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