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Officer Campus – 15 November

Head of Campus 2019

Please read the Principal’s News for a message about the 2019 Officer Head of Campus appointment.


Uniform Shop Hours

The opening hours for the Uniform Shop over the summer school holidays can be found here.


Student Leadership

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all our 2018 Officer campus student leaders. They have certainly showed tremendous courage, intelligence, perseverance and kindness in their leadership.


Thank you 2018 Student Leaders:

Campus Captains

Alyanna Trajano and Matthew West

Liturgy Captains

Gabrielle Olvina and Patrick Kewin

Justice Captains

Christine Jaroslawski and Chinmay Savanth

Sport Captains

Lauren Symmons and Mitchell Summers

Arts Captains

Charlize James and Emily Orford


Burgess House Captains

Chelsea Cooper and Fergus Hooper

Gallagher House Captains

Darcy Paterson and Jack Vasilik

McDonagh House Captains

Elizabeth Lawless and Ryan Van Roy

McKenna House Captains

Awal Kuer and Edward Cao

Schneider House Captains

Lyndseiy Limosnero and Mach Machar

Synan House Captains

Annika Barrett and Jonathan Nemhara

Thomas House Captains

Kirsten McLelland and Conor Benson

White House Captains

Karly Meinecke and Ethan Hollings


SRC Leaders

Roop Riar

Anyieth Duany

Santoro Kep

Mary Wijewardene

Ethan Linder

Olivia Kruger

Joshua Simunic

Vivian Ngo

Charisma Cunha

Charlotte O’Sullivan

Scarlett Daly

Stephanie Woods

Olivia Hill

Holly Dyason

Rebecca Chol

Brooke Jones


We thank you for your leadership and supporting our campus in 2018.

In particular, I wish to congratulate Alyanna and Matthew on their exceptional leadership this year. They have led with compassion, intelligence, and determination throughout the year. We thank them for all their efforts. Well done.


2019 Officer Campus Student Leaders


We had many students apply for leadership positions, going through the process of speeches, elections and interviews which a number of staff and students were involved in. We wish to congratulate and thank all of the students who showed bravery and courage to put themselves forward in this process.


We congratulate our 2019 Officer campus student leaders:


Campus Captains                           

Mary Wijewardene and Santoro Kep

Liturgy Captains                             

Tahlia Simmons and Osanda Wewalwala

Justice Captains                             

Ashreena Arul Dass and Deng Kiir

Arts Captains                                  

Olivia Kruger and Shelby McAsey 

Sports Captains                              

Kayla Jaremzcuk and Kyan Stellato


Burgess House Captains               

Awalith Ayuen and Michael Danga

Gallagher House Captains             

Holly B and Samuel Tymensen

McDonagh House Captains           

Erin Byrne and Jesse Cochran

McKenna House Captains             

Mia Dineen and Javin Zarifopoulos

Schneider House Captains            

Alannah Auld and Ryu M

Synan House Captains                  

Elizabeth Halili and Ethan Linder

Thomas House Captains               

Getika Gopaul and Luke Ryan

White House Captains                   

Amy Velten and Nicholas C


2019 SRC Leaders:


Aaron Borg

Claudia Poblette Bustos

Charisma Cunha 

Rhyza Landrito

Jacinta Virag

Ella Beasley

Samuel Buntine

Linuki Herath

Anyieth Duany

Kuer Maika

Jasmyn Ellis

Mitchell Rook

Taleisha B

Melanie Fonseka

Ria Kumar

Mikayla De Souza


Congratulations to all these students. We wish them well in their leadership of our campus in 2019.


Year 9 Farewell

Officer Campus staff and students wish the Year 9 students all the best in their senior years. Year 9 students, we thank you for your contributions to the Officer Campus over the years, you will be missed by all of us, and we look forward to hearing of your successes in the future.


Campus Captains Farewell – written by Alyanna Trajano and Matthew West

At the start of this year, we asked students to be a part of our journey; the journey towards being our best selves, towards being the best community we can be, and towards being the Light of the World. Today, looking back upon the year we’ve had, we can proudly say that Officer Campus has done just that. It’s great to reminisce and witness what our campus has achieved in 2018.  

It has been an honour to see our campus work as a team, to see many students exceed their potential, to see the respect, encouragement and compassion shown by the community and to see Officer Campus grow as one. It fills us with pride knowing that we are a part of a community that celebrates the strengths, talents and uniqueness of each student. We thank you all for the contributions you’ve made to our campus team this year and for shaping this year’s journey into a memorable and successful one. We hope that each and every one of you continue to shine bright by simply being proud of your own voice. 



Religious Education News

Plenary 2020

We have begun the process of our Plenary sessions this week.

On Tuesday, our 2019 leaders from across the three campuses gathered to discuss aspects of school life. As well as the Plenary, students shared their understanding of our school motto I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). Students found talking about the concept of the way a good starting point to unpack what the truth and the life looks like in our school community. The ideas of the students will be collated and presented to school leadership. Our students also prepared for the meeting with Bishop Patrick O’Regan, which is occurring on 22 November when College, Liturgy and Justice Captains will spend the day in dialogue with him.

Our leaders also had input into the school fund raising policy, brainstormed ideas to help boost our response to our main campaigns for Caritas, Trinity Families, Vinnies and the Ruben Centre. The student leaders will launch the new policy in 2019. Finally, students reflected on the role of the people after whom our Houses are named, how they inspire the students, how they are viewed in the day to day of House life. We will now begin a process of reflection about how to support the images and stories of the people whom our community has looked to for inspiration in our House system.

Signs of Christmas are now appearing in our community. As the Church year comes to a close with the Feast of Christ the King on Sunday 25 November, we look to our God with gratitude for the stories of God’s love that have unfolded this year. We have been blessed with students who have embraced the theme to Be the light of the World with enthusiasm and action. The 2019 leaders in their session this week have proposed the 2019 theme to our school leadership, so we look forward to exploring new ways to express and act in our faith community, beginning with Advent in the four weeks that lead to Christmas. The four candles of Advent lit in the four Sundays leading to Christmas – hope, peace, love and joy, are often overlooked by our wider society keen to focus just on 25 December. Advent begins our Church year in a way that prepares for Jesus’ presence today and in the future, and places life-giving actions on the agenda in the lead up to the Christmas season.

Plenary sessions will continue over the last weeks of the term. With Year 11 and 12 students, it will occur on Friday 16 November. For Berwick and Officer staff it will be on Thursday 22 November. For the Berwick and Officer Campus students it will be on 28 November, and for parents, you are invited to join us on Wednesday  5 December at 7.00pm. Please email to register interest in this evening of dialogue.


Prayer for the Feast of Christ the King from the Brisbane diocese

Actions of the Kingdom inspired by Matthew 25:

I am hungry and you give me food

I am thirsty and you give me something to drink

I am a stranger and you welcome me

I am naked and you give me clothing

I am sick and you take care of me

I am in prison and you visit me


Lord Jesus Christ,

You are a King who cares deeply for his people.

May we search out those in need,

so that Love and Justice will reign

as the Kingdom of God is brought forth within us.

We ask our prayer in your name and in the power of the Holy Spirit,



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