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Environment – 2 May 2019


Reducing wastage at school and at home

Reduce your waste with tips from the Environment Club


What many people fail to realise is that the worldwide wastage issue stretches much further than simply litter. Below are just a few of the monumental waste issues that Australia is facing with some tips on what you can do to help fix the problem:

The Issue: Coffee cups


The Facts:

Australia uses 1 billion cups per year that are not recycled. That’s 50,000 cups being used every half hour.


Your Solution:
  • Keep cups will give you a discount in most cafés – it’s an investment.
  • Our College has partnered the ‘Simply Cups’ project which allows for you to recycle your coffee cups for days you’ve forgotten your keep cup.


The Issue: Recycling & plastics


The Facts:

85% of soft plastics from bags and packaging end up in landfill.

Plastic is designed to last forever – however single-use plastic items are used for only a few minutes at a time before being thrown away.


Your Solution:
  • Use a reusable drink bottle.
  • Swap to glass – its infinitely recyclable!
  • Take your soft plastics back to Coles and Woolworths where they have partnered with RED Cycle who are able to recycle the plastics.
  • Reuse take out containers or plastic bags to minimise your waste.


The Issue: Plastic straws


The Facts:

The very first plastic straw you ever used is still somewhere on Earth. An estimated 3.5 billion straws are thrown out per year in Australia alone.


Your Solution:
  • Straws are not a necessity! Think before taking one.
  • Reusable metal straws are cheap and easy to keep with you.


The Issue: Waste per household


The Facts:

11000 tonnes of un-reusable items like batteries end up in landfill per year.


Your Solution:
  • Save money and the environment with writing a shopping list of the things and food you really need before you go shopping and try to stick to it.
  • Have left over dinner for lunch instead of throwing it out.
  • ALDI offers in store battery recycling bins.


The Issue: Waste per capita


The Facts:

The average Australian creates just over 2,000kgs of waste each year. According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the waste generated in Australia is growing at twice the rate of our population.

Only 1% of all items purchased are still in use six months later


Your Solution:
  • Opt for products with minimal or recyclable packaging.
  • Get creative and find new uses for objects that would otherwise become rubbish.
  • Use reusable bags for general shopping and for your fruit and veg.
  • Reusable containers for food at school eliminates the need for single-use plastic bags.


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies – Mother Teresa


Statistics from ABC’s ‘War on Waste’ TV show, published in 2017


Josephine Bennett

Environmental Action Group

Year 11 Schneider House


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