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Community News – 2 May 2019


At St Francis Xavier College, we are committed to improving learning outcomes for our students. Throughout Term 1 we offered several opportunities for parents to visit the college and continue to actively engage with education experts and members of our community in order to support their sons and daughters. Dr Justin Coulson presented our parents with excellent advice and information regarding building resilience. I have included some parent reflections below:

  • I attended the seminar on 9 Ways to a Resilient Child. The session was very informative, and it is very beneficial to get the best out of your children.

  • I would like to thank the school for conducting this evening, it was very informative and definitely gave me some new ideas and strategies. It was interesting to learn that talking about family stories and family history to kids can help to give them a sense of identity. It was also good to hear Justin talk about resilience being more about working through and growing against just expecting ourselves and others to just bounce back. Once again thank you for the information evenings that the school puts on.

  • I just want to say how AMAZING the info session with Dr Justin Coulson was.  My husband and I have not stopped talking about it and have already utilised many of the suggestions provided.  It’s given us a sense of direction and mutual understanding of our kids and what is in their best interests.  Thank you so much for organising this.  I look forward to attending many more such sessions provided by the school.

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for the opportunity to listen to the above guest speaker last night. He was very engaging, informative and just brilliant. I could have listened to him a further 2 hours. I look forward to and hope to be invited to future informative sessions on parenting and how to best help our children flourish.

  • Thank you for organising this talk headed by Justin Coulson.  He is a remarkable speaker and really connects well to his audience. My husband and I have found last night’s session really helpful.  It validates what we are already implementing at home.  It reinforces what tools we would like to use when dealing with our kids and raise them to become resilient.  

  • Thank you for the opportunity to listen to Dr Justin speak last night. We both thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and found him both informative and engaging. He spoke very clearly and it was easy to understand the content. A highlight for us was the opportunity to question and examine our parenting whilst encouraging us to continue to grow as parents. We would certainly support more of these wonderful evenings.

  • A quick note to say Thank you for bringing Dr Justin Coulson to our school. I found the evening very informative and engaging. The time seemed to fly by and I wish there had been more. His topics on resilience were current and he affirmed many methods I use with my own children already. It was good to hear from a professional expert in this field. I came away with a lot of quotes and advice I can use with my family.

  • Just a quick email to say how fabulous Justin Coulson was tonight. I found him to be intelligent, engaging, funny and well informed. I have taken lots away from tonight, and feel very grateful to have been there tonight. Thank you for organising such a wonderful event!


Lado Alphonse and the Cora Lynn Football Club

Recently, one of our teachers Lado Alphonse was featured in the Pakenham Gazette. In an often-divided world, sport is a unique and important connective tissue that binds people together, both across and within societies. As Lado said, “Seeing the boys here kicking the footy, when they could be anywhere else, is a great experience for me. They come here, not because it’s just a game, but because it’s more than a game.” Hopefully the Cobras can win the flag this year. To read Lado’s story, click here.


Thank you from St Vincent de Paul

On behalf of the residents of the Bunyip State Forest fire affected community, St Vincent de Paul would like to sincerely thank the St Francis Xavier College community for their generous donation of goods which were parcelled into Care Packs and distributed throughout the area.

One particular resident stressed to us that she wanted the St Francis Xavier community to know how much it meant to them to receive these small acts of kindness at such a stressful time. 

God Bless you all.

Helen Boon

Treasurer, St Vincent de Paul Society (Pakenham Conference)

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